Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What is the Hip Hop POV?

The answer to that question is not so simple. Reason being, Hip Hop is not simple. Hip Hop is a culture or a way of life. Hip Hop originated as the voice of the American ghetto youth, but even in Hip Hop beginnings, it was always thought of as GLOBAL. The Zulu Nation which has a lot to do with the beginning of the Hip Hop culture was properly entitled, The Mighty UNIVERSAL Zulu Nation. The pioneers of Hip Hop knew ghetto was a global thing. The pioneers knowingly or unknowing created an ego for the ghetto youth everywhere and these youth were able to express themselves with confidence. Whether the expression was in dancing, graffiti, sports, music, writing, acting, walking, talking, whatever. It’s the style that goes in it, that makes it Hip Hop. There was a time, when people didn’t care to listen to the Hip Hop voice. Now Hip Hop is UNIVERSAL and so is the Hip Hop voice.

The Point of View of the Hip Hop culture is speaking for the unspoken or for those who aren’t being heard. The Hip Hop POV is that of well thought, taken with a global POV, because Hip Hop is global. This involves all races and all kinds of people, because Hip Hop is not prejudice. Hip Hop doesn’t pre-judge. Hip Hop speaks justice for all.

Skelle Top would be that voice of Hip Hop and bring a Hip Hop POV to things that affect our community. Through politics, music, fashion, and literature to name a few, Skelle Top would give a Streets is Watchin’ analysis.