Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Alicia Keys - Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart

Harlem's own, Alicia Keys or AK as i like to call her with her new single. Check out the video.

Sade Release Her New LP, Soldier of Love Feb 2010

There's a lot of young girls in R&B, but when the legends come back to the game, please bow and pay homage. This is a long awaited album for true Sade fans worldwide. Release date is set for Feb 9, 2010. Just in time for Valentine's Day.

High Top Socks

These were a cool find. Wear these bad boys with a pair of your Chuck's.

MSRP: $7.99
Available @

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Deadly Skin Trade Preys on African Albinos -- Sphere News, Opinion and Analysis

America is not the only country who has a problem with skin color. East Africa's Albinos have long suffered because of the color of their skin. Some are abandoned as babies by parents who regard their lack of pigment as a curse. Check out this interesting story>>>>>>>>
Deadly Skin Trade Preys on African Albinos -- Sphere News, Opinion and Analysis

Coming Soon Bobbito Sneakers

Can you say, "Old Skool"? Pro Keds previewed their latest sneaker line at the Bread & Butter fashion show in Berlin. Shown here is Hip Hop's own Bobbito Garcia's signature shoe. When these will be release is unknown at this time, however keep your eyes out for these.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Georgia Anne Muldrow - Run Away

Here @ the 'Top we will always support our neo-soul artist, because we know radio won't. Georgia Anne Muldrow is a singer, producer, songwriter born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Her father an instrument inventor for Eddie Harris and her mother, Rickie Byars, a singer with the Pharoah Sanders Ensemble. Still in her teens she relocated to New York where she lived briefly and recorded seven songs for her 2005 self-released EP, “Worthnothings”.Many in the independent scene first got wind of her after she collaborated with the Platinum Pied Pipers on their much celebrated debut "Triple P". After that she signed with underground heavyweights Stones Throw Records to re-issue her "Worthnothings" EP and release her full length debut, "Olesi: Fragments Of An Earth”.Since then she has had many different collaborative efforts both independent and mainstream that have flown under the radar like her duets with Erykah Badu, "Fly Away" on Sa-Ra' "Hollywood Recordings" album and "Master Teacher" on Erykah' last album, "New Amerykah Part One: 4th World War". More recently she produced and sang lead vocals for the song, “Roses” from Mos Def’ current album, “The Ecstatic”.

Georgia is also known well for an abstract production and writing style that breaks from normal song structure as can be seen on most of her previous releases. On "Early" she gives Animatedcartunes a beautiful collection of her first recordings (pre-Worthnothings) that were less avante-garde but still very soulful and very much a style defying comparison.

STS-129 Interviews w/Tom Joyner Show and Mentions the Experiments from two HBCU's

NASA's Leland Melvin and Bobby Satcher mentions the Texas Southern University's NASA CBER URC Program and also the Delaware State University URC program.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

THE WIRE - 100 Greatest Quotes

This HBO series was so well written and life-like that it had veiwers in awe for 5 seasons. With Christmas coming around, the box set is not a bad idea for a Wire fan. Hey, just a suggestion.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Adriana Evans - 7 Days

The 'Top will support our Neo Soul artist, because we know radio won't. Singer Adriana Evans was born and raised in San Francisco, California. Her mother, Mary Stallings was also a gifted jazz vocalist who sang with Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, Cal Tjader and released several solo records. At 18, Adriana relocated to Los Angeles, where she met rapper/producer Dred Scott whom she collaborated with on his 1994 album “Breakin' Combs”. A year later she and Dred wrote and recorded her debut self titled album for Capitol Records but soon after, the urban music department disbanded and her contract ended up in the hands of Loud/RCA.

Alongside Erykah Badu’, “Baduizm”, Adriana and her album with it’s jazzy vibe, had the unique distinction of being responsible for ushering in what would later be dubbed the “neo-soul” movement. Rising to the heights of success on the backs of hip-hop groups like Mobb Deep and The Wu-Tang Clan, Loud Records was essentially a “rap label” and regrettably, ill equipped to properly promote and market such a revolutionary release.

Critically acclaimed yet commercially panned, (only 70,000 units sold) Adriana became disenchanted with the politics of the music industry and retreated to the warmth and freedom of the independent scene. Seven years later, her sophomore album, “Nomadic” was released on her own label to be sold only at shows and on her website… until now.
Animatedcartunes proudly re-issues this hard to find classic enhanced to include a music video for the lead single, “7 Days”. The album is a departure from her jazzy self titled debut in that it draws it's inspiration from many genres of music including samba, reggae, rock and hip-hop but all VERY soulfully composed. It is an extremely unique sound that defies description and can only be truly understood when you give it a listen.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oprah Ends Talk Show

As Jay Z would put it, "On to the next one".
Ironically I was in Chicago this past weekend and two ladies who shared a shuttle with me to the downtown hotels told me they were visting Chicago to see Oprah. My first thought to self, "Everyone loves Oprah!" I'm pretty sure whatever Oprah does, I'm pretty sure she'll succeed.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chris Webber's Restaurant Shuts Down

Chris Webber of Michigan's Fab 5 suddenly closed his restaurant in the Sacramento area amidst a declining economy, but somehow why the mention of a shooting near his restaurant? I doubt if that had anything to do with the closing of his restaurant. I just think people are trimming everywhere and this move may have been a smart business decision. Check out the article here>>>
Chris Webber's Restaurant Shuts Down

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Alexis Hutchinson Refuses Deployment to Afghanistan to Care for Infant Son

Many mothers would have done the same thing as young Alexis, but according to military law a person can face prison time if they do not go on deployment orders. In a recent AOL poll, 75% of the people don't think this mother should be punished. Then again, some would say, "She knew what she signed up for". Whatever side you are on, you have to agree that this child is better off with his mother, than being in foster care. Did our US Gov't suggest for this mother to put her child in foster care to serve our country? Whoa>>>>>check out the story>>>>>>>
Alexis Hutchinson Refuses Deployment to Afghanistan to Care for Infant Son

Tampa Man Calls 911 for Sex

He called 911 for help, but felt like Flava Flav, "911 is a Joke". In this case however, 911 was not a joke. Joshua Basso was arrested for calling 911 and seeking SEX as his emergency. he even told the operator the infamous, "What are you wearing line". Although I'm joking, this is not a laughing matter. Check out the full story here>>>>>>>>>
Tampa man calls 911, asks for sex; he gets jail instead - St. Petersburg Times

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

First-ever U.S. Marijuana Cafe Opens in Portland

Now this is interesting. Now I want to move to Portland or should I say, "POT-land" and open up this kind of business. Check out the full story here.................
First-ever U.S. marijuana cafe opens in Portland | The Money Times

Corruption Lands ex-Louisiana Congressman 13 years

The AJC reports, William Jefferson, who famously hid $90,000 cash in his freezer, was sentenced Friday to 13 years in prison for taking bribes, the longest term ever imposed on a congressman for bribery. Click the link below and check the story.

Corruption lands ex-Louisiana congressman 13 years  |

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Michael Jordan's Son Cost His School UCF $3 Million

Marcus Jordan, son of Michael refuses to wear Adidas. Marcus Jordan plays basketball for the University of Central Florida and UCF has [or had] a contract with Adidas that requires their players and coaching staff to ONLY wear Adidas and ONLY use Adidas equipment, but Marcus will only play in Air Jordans. After the freshman guard showed up for an exhibition game wearing his Jordans and Adidas ankle straps, Adidas pulled the plug on the school's contract saying, "The University of Central Florida has chosen not to deliver on their contractual commitment to Adidas. As a result we have chosen not to continue our relationship with them moving forward."

Friday, November 6, 2009

Please Help The 'Top

Skelle Top's theme is, "Although we have grown, we are still kids at heart". So ST wants you to comment and leave an answer to the following question to help us in a research experiment. The question is fun and goes...................>>>>>>>>>>>>>

What was/is your favorite game to play? Whether it was when you were on the block with your peeps, or if you were in the crib with your fam, or at your cousin's house while your mother and aunt were at bingo, or even in your grown life like playing a game of spades with the fam on the holidays. Whatever it was, please comment. ST wants to thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Judge Confiscates Boy's Wii Will Return for Good Behavior

Now this is interesting, but why did a judge have to take away this kid's Wii instead of the parents. Check out this article>>>>>>>>>>>

Mary J. Blige Sings National Anthem @ Yankee Stadium for the World Series

Mary J "Knocks it Out the Park" as she sings the National Anthem

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Real Life Precious-Meet Brigitte Harris

This is an excellent read for anyone who read the novel PUSH by Sapphire and is planning on seeing the upcoming film, Precious staring Mo'Nique.

NY Daily News Reports: The Queens woman who mutilated her father and burned his penis on the stove has been taking a cooking class in jail.

Brigitte Harris, who faces up to 15 years in prison for killing her dad when she is sentenced on Friday, also has been biding her time on Rikers Island by reading vampire novels and mysteries.

In a jailhouse interview with the Daily News, the soft-spoken, crucifix-wearing woman said she never intended to murder her father, Eric Goodridge.

"Thinking back now, I definitely would have tried to put my resources into getting him put in jail," she said. "But I thought that people weren't going to believe me."

Harris, 29, who claims her father started raping her when she was 3 and had sex with other underage girls in Liberia, said she acted after learning that Goodridge was taking his granddaughters back to Africa.

"There was no way I could let it continue," she told The News. "I did it because I couldn't let my sister's children go through that."

Prosecutors say Harris lured Goodridge to her apartment two years ago, handcuffed him to a chair and stuck a towel in his mouth. He choked to death.

Harris told the court she cut off his penis with a scalpel and cooked the evidence after researching the John Bobbitt case and discovering organs can be reattached.

"I don't know why I didn't take the towel out of his mouth," she said of Goodridge. "I didn't want him to hurt anybody else."

Harris said that she has met lots of women in jail who have told her their tales of parental sexual abuse.

"I try to tell them that if they did it to you, they could do it to someone else," she said.

Harris said she told her sister, her aunts and other relatives about Goodridge's abuse, but they refused to believe her.

One aunt, she said, told her, "No matter what he did, he's still your father."

"The people who did know me should have known I wasn't lying," she said. "They knew me. They knew I wasn't that type."

Harris said she wishes now she had gone to someone other than family members for help.

"You can't run away from it," she said. "You have to tell somebody. I was anti-social."

Defense attorney Anthony Aidala, who represented Harris pro bono, said seven jurors have written Supreme Court Justice Arthur Cooperman, asking him to sentence her to time served so she can get psychiatric help.

"I've spoken to judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys, and nobody has ever heard of jurors doing this," he said.

Harris said she's not sure what she will tell the judge, but she says she hopes her case will shed more light on sex abuse in the home.

"People need to start talking about it," she said. "People don't want to believe it happens. It's too gruesome."

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Louisiana Justice Who Refused Interracial Marriage Resigns reports the Louisiana justice of the peace who drew criticism for refusing to marry an interracial couple has resigned, the secretary of state's office said today.

Keith Bardwell resigned in person at the Louisiana secretary of state's office, said spokesman Jacques Berry. The state Supreme Court will appoint an interim justice of the peace to fill Bardwell's position, Berry said, and a special election will be held next year to fill the position permanently.

Bardwell, a justice of the peace for Tangipahoa Parish's 8th Ward, refused to perform a marriage ceremony for Beth Humphrey, 30, and her boyfriend Terence McKay, 32, both of Hammond, Louisiana, and sign their marriage license. The two were married by another justice of the peace.

The couple filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against Bardwell and his wife, Beth Bardwell, on October 20, claiming the two violated the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment.

Bardwell, speaking to CNN affiliate WBRZ, said he was advised "that I needed to step down because they was going to take me to court, and I was going to lose."

"I would probably do the same thing again," he said. "I found out I can't be a justice of the peace and have a conscience."

Mary J Sings National Athem for the World Series

Mary J Blige is scheduled to sing the National Anthem for tonight’s game 6 of the Yankees/Phillies World Series Tune into Fox @ 7:57 PM EST today November 4th to watch.

Eric Roberson's Music Fan First Promo

This may be his best work yet. if you're a REAL MUSIC FAN, then order his music from iTunes or his website ( )

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I had to post this, because some of ST's followers may not be aware that Eric Roberson's (E-Robe as I call him) new album, "Music Fan First" was dropped last month and I'm going to tell you I love it.

The New Ness , She, and Howard Girls are some standouts on this album. Howard Girls is a song for all who attended a HBCU. You can substitute your school in place of HU and jam right along.

She is another favorite ballad of mines where E Robe puts in great word play, a soft tune, and a lot of character.

But my two personal favorites are "Tale of You" and "How Can She Do It". Both songs are ride to the store songs when alone, but the album is that album that you can listen to with the other gender and enjoy the whole album. His album is available on iTunes or his website and trust me it's a good buy for real Music Fans.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Charlamagne Da God Tweets About Being 'Let Go' From Philly Station Days After He Interview Beans

BREAKING NEWS!!! CHARLAMAGNE THE GOD GETS FIRED FROM PHILLY RADIO STATION 100.3 THE BEAT JUST DAYS AFTER HE INTERVIEW BEANS ABOUT HIS JAY Z DISS TRACK. Many people know Charlamagne as Wendy Williams's Sidekick for many years. We wish Charlamagne the best as he is talented and should land another radio jock gig somewhere.

Shelley Wade - I Saw Michael Jackson's Movie!!! -

I figure since my friend Shelley Wade is the biggest Michael Jackson fan next to my sister Cookie, I'll read her blog about MJ's film and I was glad I did. Shelley gives an excellent review to someone like me who is waiting for the crowds to die down. I'll check out This is It later on this week. Not surprisingly, MJ's film made a whopping $101 Million worldwide in the first 5 days of this two-week premeire. Check out her pictures and interesting review.

Shelley Wade - I Saw Michael Jackson's Movie!!! -