Thursday, September 30, 2010

So Now There Are Four Accusing Bishop Eddie Long of the Same Thing

Let me start by saying this, ST has nothing against the Gay community at all. However, if those allegations were said about me, the first thing coming out my mouth is a strong denial something like, "This is a BOLD lie. I am not Gay and I have never engage myself sexually in anyway with another man."

It always amazes me how people get their hands on a biblical verse and run with it. "Only GOD can judge me", seem to be a more popular verse after Tupac embraced the quote. Truth to the matter is, GOD will judge you on judgement day, but up until that time, you will be judged by your peers in The Court of Public Opinion. I saw news footage from members of Bishop Eddie Long's congregation at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta. I saw more than once people from his congregation ready to stand behind this MAN. Yeah, that's what he is, he's a MAN that comes with flaws. No one is perfect, but after hearing this young man and his story, I doubt that he is telling a lie.

Now there's a FOURTH accuser speaking up. Four MEN who didn't know about each other's background coming up with the same story. Coincidence?? Hmmm??? Here's a fact, when a male accuses a male of this sort of thing, there is over a 90% of truth findings when dealing in similar cases. Female to male, not so high. Reason, it takes a lot for a male to stand up behind these allegations. So in the court of public, these young men seem sincere and guess what Bishop, we're going to JUDGE.

In the end, many if not all of these 'prosperity preachers' are a joke in my opinion. The sad part, is that so many people are looking for someone to follow, that they themselves become blinded. Any preacher living the  lifestyle he lives as an example of, 'what GOD can do for you (material wise)' if you just GIVE and beLIEve is just a joke to me. The reason......."GOD is not about MATERIAL gains, but spiritual gains". Material things come naturally as a 'fruit of labor', but material things come and go, just ask these young men. However, "Spiritual" growth last a lifetime.

Someone, anyone, tell Bishop Eddie Long, that he needs to step down, so that his the church can move on. However, I don't think he wants to step dpwn, because playing the 'victim' card so well. This is a typical move from someone who is trying to HIDE what he doesn't want the public to know. However I think he mis-spoke during last Sunday's service. He WAS Goliath and NOW he feels like David. Here's a newsflash Bishop, "You don't have 5 stones to throw. You only have pebbles. And those pebbles will NOT be heard by public opinion." Just my thoughts......what's your's?


Anonymous said...

The public believes that the Bishop DID it and anyone who attends this man church to listen to him and follow his lead is just a crazy as the Bishop. He's a BIG liar.

Sheryl said...

This guy is the worst and to think he was walking around Atlanta leading the way to bash homosexuals and gay marriage. I hope the church replaces him quick.

mama nettie said...

Man this Sissy been molesting boys for years he jes finally got caught. As far as Bishop Supporters are concerned...they need to be Supporters of God and not Man!!!!