Sunday, July 12, 2020

Skyzoo's - "Milestones" of a Boy in the Hood

My last few posts have been from joints released last month and they been heavy in my rotation since its release date. One of those gems, Skyzoo’s project Milestones.

Sky dropped the project on Father's Day which is a unique tribute to Sky's Father and his impact on Sky's life. The album takes us on a Brooklyn musical Boys n the Hood journey of a father/son relationship with a Brooklyn spin to the classic film. Although this project has "Songs for Fathers", mothers will also find themselves enjoying this project as well. "Turing 10" is an excellent song for the separated parents who co-parent together for the sake of their child. Listen and grab Skyzoo's Milestones from his Bandcamp page below. 

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Tall Black Guy's "Restless As We Are" Project is Put Together Beutifully

Last month some gems dropped that's been in my play rotation and this recent Tall Black Guy release,
Restless As We Are is one of them. Below Tall Black Guy writes of the inspiration behind this project. You can also support good music by grabbing this project off Bandcamp.   

So the inspiration behind this album kind just came out of the blue. At the beginning of this whole worldwide pandemic/quarantine madness, I was having a very tough time getting into a creative flow. I just didn't have any inspiration to create any music and honestly, I didn't even want to listen to music. Most people would think that because of the extra time at home I had that I would be able to pump out tons of music with ease. That really wasn't the case. I took a month and a half off to reflect and to spend time with my newborn son and my lady. Then it happened. One night I couldn't sleep so I decided to get up and start listening to some records to see if I could find some type of inspiration. I eventually came across a record by this guy Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He was the spiritual/meditation guru for the Beatles. I listened to his record in full and began chopping up his words of wisdom to possibly use in a track or something. Next thing I know, I was I laying down piano, drums and bass and ended up creating the beginning stages of "We Gotta Do Better". This was the first track I completed a skeleton for.

I think around the second month of us being quarantined, I started to be more in tuned to the police brutality and racism going on around the country and the world. To me, it feels like deja vu
. It seems like we just went thru something similar with the murders of Trayvon Martin and Eric Gardner 5-6 years ago. Today we have unarmed Ahmaud Arbery murdered by white civilians and unarmed George Floyd murdered by a police officer. Smh! There are so many more to be named.

Between this pandemic, being stuck in the house and the protests world wide, there is a looming uncertainty about all of this shit. I put all of my heart, soul, time and frustrations into this EP.

I hope you all enjoy my contribution to the fight!!

Thank you to all of the artists that are featured on this EP. I appreciate your voices.

Tall Black Guy

Mixed By: Tall Black Guy at Kitchen Counter Studios
Mastered By: Josef Blackwell at Planet Bounce
Artwork By: Marcellous Lovelace

Spoken word On "Emerge and See Part I & II - Kyotey Grey

Vocals on "As The Night Moves - Devin Morrison
"Saint" Ezekiel Olumakin - Guitar
Ben "Carrtoons" Carr - Bass

Vocals on "F.I.Y.E" Tony Ozier

Horns, Strings, Bells ,Guitar, and Vocals on "We Gotta Do Better" - Paul Theodore Chandler.
Additional Vocals - Deborah Bond

All Instruments By Tall Black Guy

Friday, July 10, 2020

Black Thought Releases New Single "Thought Vs Everybody"

Black Thought of The Roots Crew just released a new single for "Thought Vs Everybody" from his upcoming 

Streams of Thought Vol 3 EP

Of course Thought is going to give us some 'Notable quotables' and here's a few of ours...

"Bars is crytocurrency, hypnotherapy, shittin' on everything, 5'9, 6'4 lyrically. Crystal clarity, wonder how I spit so throughly. Stay hungry, rappers can't get no mercy, that's the reason any other one who spit won't verse me, it's son lonely in my own class 'Formerly Known As'... "

"I’m half Masta Killa and Half Hugh Masekela"

"Here's a bonus the point of view to make things you see through, If I’m a walking institution I’m an HBCU"