Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy Pics Leaks!!

The girl who always seems to ruin her Get Out of Jail card Playboy Magazine pics have leaked to the 'nets. Lindsay Lohan's Playboy pics will be featured in the gentleman's magazine next month. For those who care to peak, go (here).

Saturday, December 10, 2011

WSSU Hold Heads High As Historic Season Comes To An End

Winston-Salem State University Head Coach, Connell Maynor brings his team together after his team lost to Wayne State University in the Semi-finals of the NCAA Division II Playoffs. The Rams were on a run to be the first HBCU to compete for the Championship if they have won the game. Final score WSSU 14, WSU 21. Sorry to see them go. Read more (here).

Is Questlove of The Roots Crew Being Censored By NBC?

Well it appears that Michele Bachman's people, know a few people over at NBC, as NBC is now asking for a heads up of music played by Jimmy Falon's house band before they go on air. This comes after ?uestlove and The Roots chose a selection of  Fishbone's "Lying Ass Bitch" to play as Bachman was entering Jimmy Fallon's main seat for the interview. If you missed that, check that out (here). Read more about ?uestlove and NBC (here).

Grambling State University Wins SWAC Championship Against AA&MU

Congratulations to Doug Williams and his Grambling State University Tigers as his team rallies in the fourth quarter to win their sixth SWAC Championship against Alabama A&M University. The Bulldogs of A&M controlled the first half, but Grambling took it away in the second half as Coach Williams wins the conference in his first year back as head coach as ST informed you earlier about his return to Grambling. Read more (here).

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New CJ Hilton - "Cold Summer" (video)

Newcomer CJ Hilton drops a visual for the Salaam Remi produced track, "Cold Summer". Song was also co-written by Miguel. Now although this may have an "All I Want Is You" feel to it, as both tracks were produced by the same producer, but in htis person's honest opinion, CJ has a better voice for ballads. Don't get me wrong, like them both, but this CJ is a true musician. 

Smif-N-Wessun & Cookin' Soul Presents Stockin Stuffers Hood Xmas-Free Mixtape

Smif-N-Wessun & Cookin' Soul has prepared a special FREE Mixtape for the holidays. Gives you something to listen to in the whip or the headphones as you do your shopping and you can bop your head to this. Get your FREE download (here). 

Nine Dean College Students Expelled After Beating is Captured on Video

9 students have been suspended from Dean College from a fight that was caught on camera and has since gone viral. The video shows a group of college age males, one who 'sucker punches' a guy who he believes stole his sneakers. Whether those were the attacker sneakers or not is unknown at this time. Not that it matters, because there are way better ways to go about the situation instead of fighting, taping it, and uploading it one the internet for all to see. College is an environment for learning, so hopefully those suspended have learned a great deal from their actions. Read more (here).

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Roots Release "undun" Album Today-Listen Here

The Roots drop their 13th album undun today and you can get your listen to the entire album via stream (here). The Roots undun album is the untold story of Redford Stephens, a street hustler, from his start in the game until his end. I know The Roots have a catalogue that can hang with the best of them, but this may be one of the most unique album topics in quite some time. 

Connecticut Dad Accidently Sends Son to Daycare with “WEED” in His Lunch Box

They say weed makes you forgetful. Well a Connecticut man forgot his marijuana cigarette in his 18-month-old son's lunch box. It appears John Sulzbach dropped the weed in his son's lunch box the evening before when preparing the lunch. Police arrested Sulzbach after child care workers reported finding the weed to police. Sulzbach was charged with possession of a controlled substance and risk of injury/impairing the morals of a child. He was released on a written promise to appear on his next court date, which is the 22nd of this month. and has a court date set near the end of the month. Read more (here). 

Woman Stabbed Husband for 'Friend'ing Women on Facebook

An Arizona woman was arrested and booked on aggravated assault for stabbing her husband, because he 'friended' a woman on Facebook and he had accounts to other on-line dating services. Brenda S. Batista, 48, was booked in a Mesa jail. Her husband denies using any on-line dating. Read more (here). 

Wife Tried to Snip Husband's Penis With Scissors

Here we go again. Another upset wife attempts to cut off her husband's penis. Virginia Valdez was arrested this past Saturday in Palm Springs, California. The 69-year-old woman attempted to cut off her husband of 32 years penis Saturday night with a pair of scissors and police were called to the home. According to reports, the woman has since been released and is due in court next month. Read more (here). 

Monday, December 5, 2011

HBCU Savannah State University Settles Lawsuit With ex-Head Coach-Suit Claims Him Being White Was An Issue

Somehow, Savannah State University's ex-head football coach, Robby Wells, has received a $240,000 settlement to dismiss a federal discrimination lawsuit he filed last year. The lawsuit claimed the historically HBCU fired him because he was white. His lawyers were also paid an additional $110,000 by the historically HBCU. His record during his time as head coach was, 5-7 in his first year and 2-8 in his second year. Wells was given a contract extension prior to his lawsuit. My question here is, what kind of lawyers do SSU have? I mean they don't have any good lawyers that can win this case based on just his first two seasons as head coach? Race is not the issue here. He was a bad fit and was removed in the 'best interest of the university'. Why did they settle? Read more (here).

Bishop Eddie Long Steps Down From Pulpit As Wife of 21 Years Files For Divorce

I guess the sexual abuse settlement with five young men in May, wasn't enough to make Bishop Eddie Long step down, but this past Thursday, his wife Vanessa of 21 years, filed for divorce and 'The Bishop' announced he will step down to concentrate on family issues. Many are hoping this move is permanent. Read more (here).