Friday, December 11, 2020

Pete Rock Releases - Petestrumentals 3 featuring The Soul Brothers

Soul Brother #1, Pete Rock dropped his album Petestrumentals 3: Pete Rock & The Soul Brothers today and just like the previous two, it's a banger. You can listen on all streaming platforms, but for the heads who really support go to Pete Rock's site and grab it (here)

This project is without samples on and the production on the album is handled by Pete Rock and his band, The Soul Brothers (Drummer Daru Jones, Guitarist Marcus Machado, Bassists MonoNeon and Christian McBride, Keyboardist BigYuki and Vocalist Jermaine Holmes).

Pre-order the vinyl (clear and black versions), cassette and CD for Petestrumentals 3: Pete Rock & The Soul Brothers at Tru Soul Records (Founded by Pete Rock) website...HERE. All physicals will ship December 1st.

You can also check out the album on Pete Rock's YouTube Page (below)....

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Jazzy Jeff and Kaidi Tatham feat. Eric Roberson - "Cancel 2020"

The passing of Chadwick Boseman hit a lot of us, but it hit Eric Roberson a little different as he attended Howard University with Chadwick. That's when Jazzy Jeff sent this track that he and Kaidi Tatham worked on together to Erro to write something to and this is what was created, Cancel 2020 as 2020 has been a rough year for all. Erro released a Lyric Video (below) for the song and Cancel 2020 can be purchased on all music platforms.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Mr. Soul! Premiers Virtually Today 8/28/20

What many people called, The First Black Tonight show, SOUL was needed in its time and it set the stage for other shows like Oprah, Soul Train, and Arsenio to name a few. The first national show to highlight our culture was Directed by Stan Lathan and Hosted by Ellis Haizlip. This film speaks of  the shows place in history and the importance of such a show. The virtual cinema premiers today and you can get information on watching the film (here). Check the trailer below.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Sunday Fundays/Sunday SK8 - St. Albans Memorial Park , Queens

The one thing I think most of us learned in 2020 is a special appreciation for life. When the Pandemic came to the NYC area, it put the city in a panic state for safety that I have never seen before in all my years as a New Yorker. We've came to appreciate those certain things in life that makes well, life worth living. Certain life things were taken away from us in a blink of an eye and one of those things taken for many was skating. Skaters (#SK8) love to roll and for many, it was difficult to go without skating during the pandemic.
Skaters were holding Zoom Roller Party's during the quarantine, because part of the fun of skating is, skating with others. Above footage is from an April 25, 2020 Zoom party and what was fly about it was, they had a live DJ as part of the Sk8 culture is of course, The Live DJ.  

When 'outside' began to open up, many skaters in NYC put on their wheels, and hit the streets in their neighborhoods. Queens native, Tanya Dean Creator of SKATEROBICS, took her love for skating to the park 'Around Her Way' and invited everyone For about a month and change now, every Sunday people come to the park with their own brooms and their own garbage bags to clean the park for the Sk8ers, DJ Nyjae donates his time every Sunday, and the result is a much needed outdoor community event. St. Albans and the surrounding South Queens neighborhoods get to come feel a sense of normalcy and a part of that NYC Resiliency because, Sk8ers Gonna SK8!!! 
video by Ollie Shuffle

Updated Visual from Sunday 8/23/20...

Friday, August 21, 2020

Nas Releases New Album - "King's Disease"

Nas released his new album King's Disease today and it has the internet buzzing. Probably will have the internet buzzing all weekend. My first listen of the album gave me a favorite joint in the song, "All Bad" featuring Anderson Paak

I love how Paak can harmonize some simple lyrics and it just comes off 'Fly' and 'Funny' at the same time.....

"I don't love you, girl, that's far from true
Even took you to the BBQ
That should show how much I f#ck with you..."

this outro line is dope...

"Damn, I love it when you talk to me crazy, 
But who the f#ck you think you're talking to?"

Listen below......

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Happy Bornday Hip Hop


In 2014, my friend and partner, Leroy McCarthy gave me a call with an idea he had in mind to further honor Hip-Hop's position in history. His idea was to have August 11th, the said birth date of Hip Hop, a Day of National Recognition. This was around the same time we were successful in getting a street named after Sugarhill Records Founder, Sylvia Robinson in Englewood, NJ where the Sugarhill Records office once use to be. 

After hearing his idea, he told me some of the cities that he have reach out to several cities in an effort to get the proclamations in these different cities. 

In 2015, August 11th Hip Hop Recognition Day became official in New York City. The combined efforts of McCarthy and then Public Advocate Leticia James made this an official day  in NYC when James signed the Proclamation. Happy BORNDAY Hip Hop.  

“I have reached out to mayors in different cities coast to coast,” says LeRoy McCarthy, a Cheyney University graduate now living in New York. He is the force behind this effort to recognize hip hop and says he’s requested and received proclamations from Philadelphia, Oakland, California, Englewood and Newark, New Jersey, and two boroughs in New York. But he wants to take it nationwide. Honoring hip-hop would show to the communities where hip-hop historically comes from, and that the city, government, law enforcement has respect for their art and culture.” 

You can read about McCarthy's efforts (here

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Hip Hop Veteran-Tracey Lee Speaks About New Project- "Glory" and Shares an HBCU Story

I had the pleasure of speaking with longtime contributor and veteran to this Hip Hop game, Tracey Lee this past Sunday evening with my HHDG Crew. We held a Listening Session for Lee's album, Glory which was released yesterday (7/31/20). The album is incredible as Lee created the album between March and June of 2020 which we call the beginning Pandemic months in the United States. The album is a musical book from chapter to chapter, put together well, and is an album for the times.

During our conversation, Tracey Lee shared an HBCU jewel about how he and Eric Roberson were in a group while they attended Howard University. Now I've seen Erro spit rhymes plenty of times, but could only imagine Tracey Lee singing. I took a snippet of the convo from our Listening Session so I could share it. You can grab your copy of Tracey Lee's Glory (here
I also found this video below on Tracey Lee's Patreon's page after I became a subscriber. In this video, Tracey Lee and Eric Roberson document the song progress for Lee's single, Chapter 11-"Rejoice" which Erro is featured on. For those who enjoy the music making process will defiantly enjoy this. Grab Tracy Lee's Glory (here).

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Skyzoo's - "Milestones" of a Boy in the Hood

My last few posts have been from joints released last month and they been heavy in my rotation since its release date. One of those gems, Skyzoo’s project Milestones.

Sky dropped the project on Father's Day which is a unique tribute to Sky's Father and his impact on Sky's life. The album takes us on a Brooklyn musical Boys n the Hood journey of a father/son relationship with a Brooklyn spin to the classic film. Although this project has "Songs for Fathers", mothers will also find themselves enjoying this project as well. "Turing 10" is an excellent song for the separated parents who co-parent together for the sake of their child. Listen and grab Skyzoo's Milestones from his Bandcamp page below. 

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Tall Black Guy's "Restless As We Are" Project is Put Together Beutifully

Last month some gems dropped that's been in my play rotation and this recent Tall Black Guy release,
Restless As We Are is one of them. Below Tall Black Guy writes of the inspiration behind this project. You can also support good music by grabbing this project off Bandcamp.   

So the inspiration behind this album kind just came out of the blue. At the beginning of this whole worldwide pandemic/quarantine madness, I was having a very tough time getting into a creative flow. I just didn't have any inspiration to create any music and honestly, I didn't even want to listen to music. Most people would think that because of the extra time at home I had that I would be able to pump out tons of music with ease. That really wasn't the case. I took a month and a half off to reflect and to spend time with my newborn son and my lady. Then it happened. One night I couldn't sleep so I decided to get up and start listening to some records to see if I could find some type of inspiration. I eventually came across a record by this guy Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He was the spiritual/meditation guru for the Beatles. I listened to his record in full and began chopping up his words of wisdom to possibly use in a track or something. Next thing I know, I was I laying down piano, drums and bass and ended up creating the beginning stages of "We Gotta Do Better". This was the first track I completed a skeleton for.

I think around the second month of us being quarantined, I started to be more in tuned to the police brutality and racism going on around the country and the world. To me, it feels like deja vu
. It seems like we just went thru something similar with the murders of Trayvon Martin and Eric Gardner 5-6 years ago. Today we have unarmed Ahmaud Arbery murdered by white civilians and unarmed George Floyd murdered by a police officer. Smh! There are so many more to be named.

Between this pandemic, being stuck in the house and the protests world wide, there is a looming uncertainty about all of this shit. I put all of my heart, soul, time and frustrations into this EP.

I hope you all enjoy my contribution to the fight!!

Thank you to all of the artists that are featured on this EP. I appreciate your voices.

Tall Black Guy

Mixed By: Tall Black Guy at Kitchen Counter Studios
Mastered By: Josef Blackwell at Planet Bounce
Artwork By: Marcellous Lovelace

Spoken word On "Emerge and See Part I & II - Kyotey Grey

Vocals on "As The Night Moves - Devin Morrison
"Saint" Ezekiel Olumakin - Guitar
Ben "Carrtoons" Carr - Bass

Vocals on "F.I.Y.E" Tony Ozier

Horns, Strings, Bells ,Guitar, and Vocals on "We Gotta Do Better" - Paul Theodore Chandler.
Additional Vocals - Deborah Bond

All Instruments By Tall Black Guy

Friday, July 10, 2020

Black Thought Releases New Single "Thought Vs Everybody"

Black Thought of The Roots Crew just released a new single for "Thought Vs Everybody" from his upcoming 

Streams of Thought Vol 3 EP

Of course Thought is going to give us some 'Notable quotables' and here's a few of ours...

"Bars is crytocurrency, hypnotherapy, shittin' on everything, 5'9, 6'4 lyrically. Crystal clarity, wonder how I spit so throughly. Stay hungry, rappers can't get no mercy, that's the reason any other one who spit won't verse me, it's son lonely in my own class 'Formerly Known As'... "

"I’m half Masta Killa and Half Hugh Masekela"

"Here's a bonus the point of view to make things you see through, If I’m a walking institution I’m an HBCU"

Monday, February 19, 2018

Neo Soul's Veteran DJ Frances Jaye Brings Us - Head Space Vol 1 Compilation Album

DJs wear many hats. The most common hat that they're seen wearing is when they're playing music at an event. The hat people rarely see them in, is when they're spending countless hours listening to tons of music. The DJ has an ear for music. The DJ has a personality with the people. The DJ keeps their ear to the street and because their ears are connected with the streets, they know what the people want.

The best feeling for a DJ is when they debut new music - songs that aren't widely heard or hyped. They have a desire to get this new music to the people. If you’re a music lover, you already know you can’t wait on commercial radio for anything new. Commercial radio don’t DEBUT new music like it once did. Nowadays, when a song hits the radio, trust and believe there was a DJ who played it first.

Frances Jaye is one of those DJs, and it was because of the change in commercial radio that she started her Neo Soul CafĂ© online radio station over a decade ago (download the app here). First and foremost, Frances is a lover of music. Her dedication to bringing good music to the people is an on-going mission, by any means. Over the years, Fran has interviewed tons of independent artists who music may or may not hit commercial radio. Fran’s devotion to presenting new music is appreciated by both the fans and the independent artists alike.

So it’s only right for this Neo Soul Vet to drop a compilation album of new music and introduce it to the people. HeadSpace Vol 1 Compilation is 11 tracks of independent artists that you may or may not have heard, but trust and believe, this album is ALL THAT!!! I have favorites from this album from my first listen and this is just one of them……

Click the links below to preview, but Support Good Music, Support Independent Artists, Support the DJ and grab your copy (here).

 Intro - DJ Frances Jaye
1. Lift Off - V
2. I Don't Love You - Miracle Foster
3. Last Close Up - Deonis (feat. Erreon Lee)
4. Beautiful Side of Love - Maleke O'Ney
5. Ur The 1 - Darien Dean
6. Off Your Throne - Kierion Johnson
7. Us - Lawyer Turner
8. All The Many Ways - Porsche Smith
9. Just Better - Amanda Maxfield
10. I Wonder - Steve Frazier
11. For The Weekend - Blythe Dennis
Outro - DJ Frances Jaye

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Re Cap: Pete Rock @ Brooklyn Bowl for Petestrumentals 2 Album Release

Legendary Hip Hop producer, Pete Rock celebrated the release of his album Petestrumentals 2 this past week at Brooklyn Bowl. Pharaohe Monch hosted the evening's event for The #1 Soul Brother. Also in the house to help Pete Rock celebrate were Talib Kweli, Slum Village, Phonte', Sean P, Large Professor, Preemoand Royal Flush. Was a great evening celebrating with a legend like Pete Rock.

The #1 Soul Brother Repping w/the Skelle Top Tee
Large Professor Rocked the Stage
Slum Village Celebrating with The #1 Soul Brother

Monch and Kweli got a little amped on stage
ST's Contributor Bigg Russ and Myself
Skyzoo was out Celebrating 
Phonte' came out to Celebrate w/The #1 Soul Brother and Got the Skelle' Top Tee

Thursday, June 4, 2015

RockVader K.B. Releases - "Love Over Hate" The Mixtape Bring Back Da (neo) Soul

My DJ K.B. got tired of me ranting about Good Music not being played on the radio and from that conversation came this Mixtape. Something easy on the ears with a little Hip Hop, Funk, and of course, SOUL. Soul music is something you can FEEL. Shouts out to ST Contributor and My DJ RockVader K.B. for bringing my vision to audio. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. You can grab your FREE digital copy of #LoveOverHate The Mixtape (here). 

If you're thinking about where you can find these artists and their latest albums, I've made it easy for you. Here's the album list:

Brandon Williams- XII (2014)
dEnAuN- Stuff In My Backpack (2015) -songs from this EP are not on #LoveOverHate, but a must have. #GrownFolksHipHop
SiR- Long Live Dilla (2014)
Gregory Porter-Liquid Spirit (2014)
Mali Music- Mali Is (2014)
Marsha Ambrosius- Friends and Lovers (2014)
Leela James - Fall for you (2014)
The Floacist- Rise of The Phoenix Mermaid (2014)
Incognito- Amplified Soul (2014)
Jose James- Where You Were Sleeping (2014)
Eric Roberson- The Box (2015)
Dwele- Greater Than One (2012)
Jeff Bradshaw- Home (2015)


Friday, May 15, 2015

Teedra Moses' Wants Him to "Get It Right" w/Her New Single

Teedra Moses' new single, "Get It Right" recently hit the net a couple of days ago and its just in time for the summer months. Nate Locksmiff produced the Hip Hop/Soul track which complements songstress' voice well. Something for the DJs to get their hands on this summer. Cognac & Conversations is set to drop next month, in the meantime, we have this banger to hang on to. If you missed out on Teedra's Mixtape Luxurious Undergrind you can grab that (here). 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I Signed The Petition #JusticeforKayleb

A sixth grader with autism was having a bad day at school. This day had him thrown down and handcuffed. He was later charged and convicted of disorderly conduct and felony assault against a police officer. Yes, REALLY!!!! This skinny, sixth grade kid with autism, assaulted a police officer. Read about Kayleb Moon-Robinson's story (here) and hopefully you'll sign the petition as well. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rapsody Releases Deluxe Version of Her "Beauty and The Beast" Album w/New Music

I LOVE ME SOME RAP!!!! And some new Rap is the perfect Anniversary gift. Yesterday, April 7th, ST's Birthday, Rapsody released a Deluxe Version of her latest album Beauty and The Beast (here), which includes 3 new tracks and this, "Don't Need It" track above is just one of them. Track features Merna and produced by Young Guru. Smart move for the new fans Rapsody is grabbing after being featured on Kendrick Lamar's single, "Complextion", off of his To Pimp A Butterfly album. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

ST Celebrates Anniversary w/Anthony David's "Simple Man Tour" 4/8 S.O.B.'s

The ST Family continues our  Anniversary Season celebrating with our Dude, Anthony David as he hits the S.O.B's stage this Humpday 4/8 along with Abby Dobson. Anthony David has been a supporter of ST since the beginning, so it's fitting that we celebrate our Anniversary with Anthony David and #SupportGoodMusic at the same time. Tickets and info (here). 

Here's a classic of interview with Anthony David and Myself back in 2007. Enjoy and hope to see some folks at S.O.B.'s tomorrow night.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Join The ST Family @ S.O.B.'s April 1st for Eric Roberson's "The Box" Tour

The ST Family is starting our Anniversary Season Celebrating on April Fool's Day. It's a hump-day Wednesday, but if you're in the NYC area, The ST Family would like you to join us at S.O.B.'s in The Village for Eric Roberson, as he brings his The Box Tour to his Home-Turf stage at S.O.B.'s. Get tickets (here).

Ironic that Erro is performing in NYC during ST's Anniversary. Erro and I go back to '07 during the Houston stop of his Left Album Tour. I was freelancing at the time and I had just finished my interview with Anthony David. After my interview with Anthony David, I was leaving the backstage area for the musicians on my way out to the general area to enjoy the evening's performance. Erro sees me and jokingly asks, "What? You don't want to interview me? I'm not big enough or something?"

I laughed and said, "Hell Na Bruh! You got time to 'chop it up with me for a few'?" Erro says, "Yeah Man. I'm trying to get this TV to work. I want to see The Giants' last pre-season game." I tell him I'm a Big Giants fan as well and that I went to school with Michael Strahan at Texas Southern University. Erro told me how cool that was and shared a HBCU joke with me. During the small talk, we both tried, but we never got the television to work on the 'special' channel the game was on. We gave up on trying to watch the game, sat down, and 'Chopped It Up'. I tell Erro about how I sing, Pretty Girl to my daughter when we're in the car and his response is something I'll never forget. A true gift, because this was an interview I never asked for. Heaven sent. #TrueStory

Ed Cheebz w/Erro Eric circa '09
Music Fan First Tour Houston 
I caught up with Erro later on again in Houston when he was in town with his Music Fan First Tour. I wasn't able to 'chop it up' w/Erro this go round, but we were able to share some small convo. During the convo I tell Erro, "I think I was the inspiration behind your song title for this album". I tell him about the past interview and of course, he doesn't remember. He is interviewed all the time. Erro then says to me, "Bruh, you probably were. I get inspiration from everywhere, but I do remember you telling me you went to school with Strahan." We laughed and grabbed a quick pic. I promised Erro one day I'll share the interview notes with him one day so he'll know why I say this.

Well several years and albums later, I came across the recorded interview notes, downloaded it from the 'back-in-the-day' mini-cassette recorder, and here it is. Just two Dudes, "Chopping It Up".


Friday, March 13, 2015

LeRoy McCarthy Set To Organize Mural Painting for Biggie Smalls

DJ Clark Kent and Leroy McCarthy 

ST's Contributor, LeRoy McCarthy along with Street Artist Danielle Mastrion will organize a mural painting of Biggie Smalls at the Key Food Grocery Store he once work at as a child. Mr. McCarthy is the brainchild behind the efforts of renaming the St. James Place and Fulton Street corner to #ChristopherWallaceWay.

Mr. McCarthy and Danielle Mastrion previously worked together on  a mural for The Beastie Boys at the infamous Paul's Boutique (no longer Paul's Boutique) on the Lower East Side last summer.

The mural of BIG will be on the sidewall of the store and is expected to take place near the end of the month when the weather warms. The mural is expected to have Biggie as a child of the community just bagging groceries. Mr. McCarthy said, "The mural is a way to honor Biggie who proudly represented the neighborhood." Looking forward to this as the weather warms. Brooklyn loves BIG as he in return loved Brooklyn. In the words of Biggie Smalls, #SpreadLoveIsTheBrooklynWay . Read more (here). 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Jeff Bradshaw w/Black Thought and Friends Live- Philly March 31st Celebrating "Home" Album Release

Philadelphia, South Jersey, Delaware here's a #GrownFolksHipHop Show that you may not want to miss. Philadelphia's own, Jeff Bradshaw will be performing at the Theater of Living Arts on March 31st celebrating the release of his forthcoming CD, Home. Celebrating Jeff's album release with him on stage will be Eric Roberson, Kenny Lattimore, and Jeff's Philly Bredren, Black Thought of The Legendary Roots Crew. Ticket info (here). If you missed Jeff's visual for his lead single, "All Time Love" check it out (here).

Monday, March 9, 2015

Eric Roberson's New Visual - "I'm Not Trying To Keep Score No More"

When I first heard Eric Roberson's song, "I'm Not Trying To keep Score No More" from his album, The Box, I had to play it again. When Erro intros the song with, "This might be the most important song I ever wrote". As a person who adores words and respect Erro's Wordplay, I knew I knew the second go around listening to this song, my ears will have to pay close attention. After the 2nd listen, I can now see why Erro gave that intro, because -"Love is not a football game" . Gotta love all the Soul faces cameos in the video and The 'Battle of the Sexes' underlay in the visual. Great direction work by Digibees. Shouts out to DJ Frances of The NeoSoul Cafe App with her cameo appearance as The Referee. You can grab Erro's The Box (here). 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Join The ST Family At This Year's SOUL LIFE Music Fest in ATL

If you're a fan of Good Soul Music from such artists like Chrisette Michele, Dwele, Conya Doss, Kindred The Family Soul, Eric Roberson, then this Memorial Day Weekend Atlanta is the spot for you for The ATL SOUL LIFE Music Fest.

Along with the above mentioned, also in the house will be Avery Sunshine, Anthony David, Lyfe Jennings, and The Foreign Exchange. You can purchase for a day or you can purchase for both days. This is an official ST event. ST and folks will be on the lawn for both days with our own food and our own drinks. Choice is yours, but for the price and the lineup, I think its a no brainer. VIP Tables are also inexpensive. Tickets will be going fast for this one. More info and Ticket purchase (here). Hopefully, we'll see you there. If hotel is needed, I suggest you do your searching around the 'Wolf Creek', Airport, or Cumberland areas. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Elzhi Releases His New Single - "February"

Elzhi releases his first teaser, "February" from his forthcoming project Lead Poison. This 14KT produced track is produced by 14KT and Elzhi takes the listener through the cold air of the month, the snow flakes, and a dope Dilla verse about his friend who was born and buried in the month of February. Elzhi is taking his creative time on this project as fans of his have waited for some time, but wait will soon be over as Lead Poison is set to drop May

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pharoahe Monch Drops His "Lost In Translation" Mixtape for VDay

Pharoahe Monch dropped  a Valentine's Day gift for the Lovers of Hip Hop and good Soul Music with his release of his Lost In Translation project on his Bandcamp Page this past Valentine's weekend.

Monch's Love In Translation project is a combination of singles from Monch's solo albums along with some joints he was featured on over the years. Let's call it the B-Sides or tracks that your ear may have missed, but this isn't a B-Sides with some of today's Rappers for an Underground Mixtape. This is #GrownFolksHipHop. This is Monch with some of today's hottest Soul artists such as Jill Scott, Robert Glasper, Brandon Williams, and Eric Roberson just to name a few. The project includes a never heard before collaboration with Phonte' and Mela Machinko below. You can grab Monch's Love In Translation Mixtape (here).

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Houston 3/26/15: Get Ready for a Soul Session w/The Foreign Exchange and Dwele

If there was ever a time to be in Houston this is it. Serious Sounds is bringing a SOUL SESSION back to Houston with The Foreign Exchange and Dwele March 26th. DJ Frances Jaye of The NeoSoul Cafe will be handling the DJ set for the evening. This is a #GrownFolksHipHop affair. Get your tickets early. Tickets and info (here). 

Jeff Bradshaw Releases New Visual for "All Time Love" feat. Robert Glasper, Eric Roberson, and Tweet

Philly Trombonist Jeff Bradshaw released a new video this week for his new single, "All Time Love" featuring Soul Vets Robert Glasper, Eric Roberson, and Tweet. "All Time Love" is Jeff's first single from his forthcoming project, HOME which is due to drop March 31st. We'll keep you posted.  #SupportGoodMusic