Monday, August 3, 2009

20 Years and STILL Rising

Twenty One years ago Hip Hop was introduced to some nappy hair kids from Long Island who was flaunting peace signs rapping of Potholes in their Lawns. The abstract rhyme style that was introduced to the Hip Hop world had a delivery and flow like nothing brought to the Hip Hop scene before. These Long Island kids appearances look like kids from the Woodstock era, but the abstract rhyme concept to "Biting Rhymes", which is an absolute 'no no' in the world of MCing took all Hip Hop fans by storm. The Hip Hop community embraced the kids from LI and the emergence of The Native Tongue Crew soon came after.

From their first album Three Feet high and Rising, De La Soul has been a main stay in Hip Hop for over 20 years. This group is still abstract, still fresh, still dope, and can put on a stage show that shows 20 years of stage show experience. The 20 Years and Rising Tour may have passed you by, but if it hasn't then put this show on your Hip Hop calendar as a must see.

The tour passed through Houston, TX this past Sunday at The House of Blues and Hip Hop heads came in droves to show their appreciation and to see this group perform live. De La did lived up to the hype by giving the Houston audience a show to remember. From Three Feet High to The Grind Date (probably the most slept on album in Hip Hop), De La incorporated all their hits and even had some special remixes to classic Hip Hop beats. Plug 1, Plug 2, and Plug 3 gave us one for the record books. To check dates to see if this tour is coming to a city near you, check out ( for dates and location.