Monday, January 31, 2011

The Father of Hip Hop is ILL and Needs Our Help

Okay Hip Hop, the father of this thing we call Hip Hop is in need of help. Now I didn't want to post earlier, because I didn't have all the facts and I still don't. What we do know is that a press released is expected to come out soon and from latest information DJ Kool Herc (55) is home, but is need of surgery. I've been getting my info from DJ Premier's Blog and you can find out more and how to help The Father of Hip Hop at Prem's site (here).

Mario Van Peebles Asks Young Black Men to "Bring Your A Game"

Pennsylvania School Defends Experiment to Separate Black Students from Student Body

After years of fighting for integration a Pennsylvania High School has decided to segregate students by race and gender. McCaskey East High School in Lancaster, PA, separates its black students from the rest of the student body and  it has drawn criticism, however the school is defending its position to segregate. Read more (here). 

Massive B Presents: Bobby Konders 2011 We Goin Worldwide An Global

Massive B and Bobby Konders drops their 2011 We Goin Worldwide an Global Mixtape for the Reggae heads out there. This mixtape is full of tunes (85 cuts). Cuts from Vybes Kartel, Mavado, Jr. Gong, Buju, Wayne Wonder, Bennie Man, Mr. Lexx, and others. Get your download (here). 

Rick Ross Drops "Sin City" Mixtape

Ricky Rozay stays Hustlin' Everyday. Ross drops another Mixtape and he calls this joint Sin City. Mixtape put together by DJ Grady and DJ Flatline. Rozay have joints on here featuring Aaliyah (R.I.P.), Ne-Yo, Wale', Meek Millz, Weezy, Drake, and others. Grab your download (here). Get it while its FREE.

Want Some Soda Pot Anyone? California Company Creates 'Canna Cola'

Make weed legal and you really can't be mad at people in America capitalizing off of an opportunity. A California company is jumping on the recent weed business adventures and is making a 'pot' beverage called, "Canna Cola", a beverage that will contain 35 to 65 milligrams of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. The 12 ounce bottle will run between $10-$15 and will come in popular flavors such as Canna Cola (Coke), Doc Weed (Dr. Pepper), Lemon-Lime Sour Diesel (Sprite), Grape Ape (Welches grape), and Orange Kush (Krush). Read more (here). 

Mexican Drug Gang Slingshots Weed Over US Border

US Customs and Mexican authorities capture suspects on camera launching weed over a border fence with looks like a HUGE slingshot. Crazy, huh?

T-Pain Gets Facebook Logo Tattoo

And brother we really don't. T-Pain is the latest rapper to get a stupid Tattoo. T-Pain Tweeted a photo of his new tattoo he got this weekend in Hawaii. Why get a tattoo to give another dude free publicity is beyond me? The most common Tweet over the weekend for this tattoo was, #fail and #dobetter. 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jazmine Sullivan-"Anything To Have" (unreleased)

Well if you haven't heard by now, Jazmine Sullivan is taking a break from the music game for a minute. ST gave you her cut, "I'm Not A Robot", which is probably how she feels right about now about the industry. This music game is 'art', but it's also a lot of 'work'. A lot of time on the road, a lot of time away from family, and sometimes people want to do their art and remain a regular Joe, but it usually doesn't go like that. For whatever personal reasons Jazmine step back from the game, we wish her well and as fans we can't wait for her return. But in the meantime ST just got its hands on an unreleased tracks from Jazmine. This cut, "Anything To Have" sounds a little unfinished, but you gotta love her vibe and her voice on this dance track.

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Black Ohio Mom Released From Jail In Controversial School Case

They released this mother a day early (Big Deal) on her 10 day sentence, however she still has community service hours and a three year probation. Crime? Where is the crime in getting what's best for you children? Color? Really now, black mothers are not the only people who do this? Many white mothers have done and are doing the same thing. This is a straight slap in the face, because the city of Akron, Ohio did not take into consideration, WHAT'S BEST FOR THE CHILDREN.

I worked in Child Protection for New York City for 7 years and the most important question a CPS worker had to asked themselves before removing children from an environment was, "Is this BEST for the children?" Well in the case of Kelly Williams-Bolar (if you need to catch up, click here), I am confused how a decision was made to send this mother of two to jail without considering the children and the effects it will have on them. Children are always innocent and in this case, they suffered. This was this mother's first offense (if it was even a crime at all), taking children away from her will leave a PERMANENT mark in her children's mind, and her father (who the children stayed with while mom was in jail) pays taxes in his suburban community. We have to get this woman's sentence reduced (to a misdemeanor). She was 12 hours away from completing her degree to become a teacher. Is this America? Just because she lives in the projects, does that mean she shouldn't dream the American dream? America wasn't founded on honesty and that is fact. This is a very poor case of justice or is it JUST-US? ST will continue to follow this story as it unfolds. 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Taraji P. Henderson Goes Nude for PETA

Taraji P. Henderson is the latest celebrity to pose nude for PETA's, "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign. Only thing I can say is, "That is a lovely vine tattoo she got going on there." Not mad at her at all. Read more (here).

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jeff Fisher Out as Titans Head Coach

Some relationships grow apart and it seems the relationship between the Tennessee Titans and Jeff Fisher has grown old. Jeff Fisher is expected to make his announcement Friday, that he will depart from the Titans as their Head Coach. Now I don't think this is a firing, but more of a mutual agreement. One thing I know, if Jeff Fisher wants to coach in the NFL, he'll have teams in line for him. Read about it (here). 

KRS-One and Showbiz–"Improve Myself"

KRS ONE aka The Blastmaster and Showbiz leaked another joint, "Improve Myself" from their collab joint, Godsville, which is set to drop on 2/15. Show Dug in the Crates (D.I.T.C) for this beat.
previous post: "5%"

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Governor–"Wish Me Luck" feat. 50 Cent

People can hate on 50 Cent all they want, but dude keeps it moving. He continues working and pushing his G Note Records singer Governor and this cut here, "Wish Me Luck" is a banger. This will most definitely be playing at a club near you. This is Heat.