Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bilal's "Little One" Summer Tour Dates

Bilal is currently touring the states with songs from his last LP, Airtight's Revenge. The album is also slated to have a re-mix rebirth as there are plans of releasing an Airtight's Revenge Remix LP (no release date). Check the dates below to see where Bilal will be performing and get a listen to the remix of "Robots" (here) and my personal favorite, "The Dollar" remix (here).
Jul 30 Bilal Wilmington, DE. – World Café Live July 30 – Wilmington, DE. – World Café Live
Jul 31 Bilal Pittsburgh, PA. – Savoy & Magic July 31 – Pittsburgh, PA. – Savoy & Magic
Aug 12 Bilal Indianapolis, IN. – Madame Theater August 12 – Indianapolis, IN. – Madame Theater
Aug 14 Bilal Columbus, OH. – Von Jazz August 14 – Columbus, OH. – Von Jazz
Aug 17 Bilal St. Louis, MO. – Old Rock House August 17 – St. Louis, MO. – Old Rock House
Aug 19 Bilal Dallas, TX. – The Door August 19 – Dallas, TX. – The Door
Aug 20 Bilal Houston, TX. – Ground Hall August 20 – Houston, TX. – Ground Hall
Aug 21 Bilal Austin, TX. – TBA August 21 – Austin, TX. – TBA
Aug 25 Bilal Las Vegas, NV. – Crown Theater August 25 – Las Vegas, NV. – Crown Theater
Aug 26 Bilal Los Angeles, CA. – El Rey Theater August 26 – Los Angeles, CA. – El Rey Theater
Aug 27 Bilal San Francisco, CA. – Mezinine August 27 – San Francisco, CA. – Mezinine
Aug 28 Bilal Sacramento, CA. – Harlows August 28 – Sacramento, CA. – Harlows
Aug 29 Bilal Oakland, CA. – The New Parrish August 29 – Oakland, CA. – The New Parrish
Aug 30 Bilal San Diego, CA. – Anthology August 30 – San Diego, CA. – Anthology
Aug 31 Bilal Fresno, CA. – Fulton 55 August 31 – Fresno, CA. – Fulton 55
Sep 1 Bilal Costa Mesa, CA. – The Detroit Bar September 1 – Costa Mesa, CA. – The Detroit Bar
Sep 2 Bilal Denver, CO. – TBA September 2 – Denver, CO. – TBA
Sep 3 Bilal Kansas City, KS. – TBA September 3 – Kansas City, KS. – TBA
Sep 5 Bilal Chicago, IL. – Double Door September 5 – Chicago, IL. – Double Door
Sep 6 Bilal Cleveland, OH. – TBA September 6 – Cleveland, OH. – TBA
Sep 8 Bilal Baltimore, MD. – TBA September 8 – Baltimore, MD. – TBA
Sep 10 Bilal Richmond, NC. – TBA September 10 – Richmond, NC. – TBA
Sep 11 Bilal Washington DC – The Birchemere September 11 – Washington DC – The Birchemere
Sep 15 Bilal Philadelphia, PA. – World Café Live September 15 – Philadelphia, PA. – World Café Live
Sep 16 Bilal New York, NY. – BB Kings September 16 – New York, NY. – BB Kings

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Miguel Drops New Video – "Quickie"

Miguel drops a visual for his single, "Quickie" off of his album, All I Want Is You available (here). 

New Frank Ocean “Thinking Of You”

This new Frank Ocean joint recently hit the 'net and no telling where this single may end up or what LP it was left off. I know this track, "Thinking Of You" is Frank's style-a crazy love poem over a sweet melody or an awesome beat. His style is definitely Hip Hop and in today's music game, its good to hear something refreshing.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Amy Winehouse Covers VIBE Magazine

No surprise here as Amy Winehouse (R.I.P.) covers Vibe Magazine next month. The issue will have interviews from those who knew Amy in the business. Still can't believe she's gone. Read about it (here). 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jon Connor Remakes MC Breed Classic "Ain't No Future" 2011

Jon Conner has been making some noise on the underground scene and although this is my first JC post, I admire this dude's hustle and his delivery flow. Well this joint here I had to post, because this joint was/is a CLASSIC! R.I.P. MC Breed. Shout out to my Michigan peeps. 

CWA Members Overwhelmingly Vote for Strike Authorization at Verizon

One of the biggest companies in the communication game is about to have their team of employees go on strike. The main reason is because they are trying to reduce their pay and shut down the union (reminds you of the public workers in Minnesota, huh?). If that's not all, Verizon is trying to have some jobs relocated to the Philippines and India as well as reduce current workers benefits. Read more (here).  

Bishop Eddie Long's 5th Accuser Speaks

Bishop Eddie Long's 5th accuser, Centino Kemp speaks, but doesn't say too much. Read more (here). 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Unreleased Nas - "More That I Can Say" featuring Keyshia Cole

This cut was suppose to be on Diddy's album Press Play, but somehow this didn't make the cut. I don't know why, but I do know when I hear good music and this is GOOD MUSIC. Nas does his thing and Keyshia does her job on the hook. To think it was sitting on the shelf since '05. Anyhow enjoy.

download here....

Just In Case You Missed It "Robin Roberts Complete Interview With Strauss-Kahn's Accuser"

I watched this last night and the only thing that came to my mind was, "WOW!" Nafissatou Diallo, the hotel maid who accused former IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexually assaulting her in New York's Sofitel Hotel where she worked is spoke out to ABC's Robin Roberts. From her body language she appears to be telling the truth and hopefully this doesn't hurt her case, but legal experts are saying it will. ST just wishes this lady the best, because it appears she's been through 'something'. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Atlanta Mother Spared Jail Time In Her Son's Death

Thanks to the people of Atlanta, women support groups, and a caring judge, Raquel Nelson, the Atlanta mother whose child was killed by a car (here), will not face any jail time. The mother who was convicted on misdemeanor charges in the death of her son will not face time. Judge Kathryn Tanksley sentenced the mother to 12 months probation and 40 hours community service. The judge also recommended Nelson seeks a new trial. This was good news to the crowd that came in support as they clapped loudly for the mother they felt had suffered enough. Read more (here). 

New Songstress Mara Hruby Covers Jamiroquai's "Alright" on Her FreEP

Mara Hruby is a new voice from The Bay Area and her voice is one that caught my ears' attention. The young songstress has a voice that is captivating to say the least. One listen and you will say, "This is a young voice with a future." Hopefully her future is bright. Mara released her debut EP, From Her Eyes, which is Mara covering some of her favorite songs she grew up listening to (thanks for reminding me about my age). One of my favorite songs she covers is Jamiroquai's, "Alright" off of Jamiroquai's Traveling Without Moving album which you can hear below. Also, check out her cover of Mos Def's "The Panties" (video), which was directed by Jesse Boykins III. You can download Mara's FreEP (here). 

Real Life 'Pelham 123' As Criminal Attempted To Hijack Bronx Train (video)

"There are still good people in New York City", said MTA Motorman Darryl George about the passengers aboard his #5 train who assisted him when Richard Arrocho, 42 climbed into the front cab of the train wielding a screwdriver screaming, "Someone is trying to kill me. Move the f*cking train". That's when the passengers aboard the #5 train in The Bronx came to assist and kept Arrocho at arms length until police arrived. Arrocho was arrested and is being held on $2,500 bail. Arrocho has a criminal history that dates back to 1985 as he has been arrested 40 times on charges ranging from robbery to petty larceny. Thank God no one was injured during this ordeal and hopefully Arrocho will be off the streets for a long time. Shout out to the NYC straphangers.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Are You Ready For Some Football? The NFL Ends Its Lockout

Let's open the doors and let the players in, because the fans, 'Are Ready For Some Football'. The players representatives voted unanimously to approve the new NFL collective bargaining agreement to end the lockout earlier today. Read more (here).   

Mary J. Blige Reveals Sexual Abuse on VH1's "Behind The Music"

This Sunday VH1 will premiere, "Behind The Music: Mary J. Blige". This episode is expected to be a compelling one as Mary talks about her personal struggles with alcohol and drug abuse, along with opening up about being molested by a family friend at the age of five. Read more (here).  

Mom Faces More Jail Time Due To 'Jaywalking' Than The Driver Who Killed Her Son

Raquel Nelson, 30 is facing jail time for, get this "homicide by vehicle" and she wasn't even driving. Nelson and her children were crossing the street after they got off of the bus and Nelson's son, A.J. Nelson, 4, was struck and killed by an alleged drunk driver. The killer part is Ms. Nelson is facing more jail time, than the guy who was driving. Her crime, 'NOT USING THE CROSSWALK'. Now I ask, is putting her in jail really necessary? She lost her son and what about her other children? We hope that the people and the judge show compassion when she is sentenced this week and ST wishes this mother well. Read more (here). 

Lauryn Hill Gives Birth To Sixth Child

Congrats to Ms. Lauryn Hill and her family as reports surfaced about Ms. Hill giving birth to her sixth child over the weekend. Hill, 36 welcomed her new son into this past Saturday and reports are saying that mother and child are doing fine. Read more (here). 

Amy Winehouse (R.I.P)- "Tears Cry On Their Own" Dungeon Family Remix

Over the weekend the music industry lost an up and coming star in this music game, Amy Winehouse. Amy was found in her bed dead this past Saturday and it appears to be from her heavy drug and alcohol use, although there hasn't been anything confirmed at this time. Out of respect for their sister in music, Big Boi's Organized Noize Dungeon Family recently released their remix to Amy Winehouse's, "Tears Dry Own Their Own", which is from Amy's, Back To Black album. Though this was previously unreleased, this is a fitting way to show some respect. R.I.P. Amy.
Amy Winehouse - "Tears Dry on their Own" (Organized Noize Dungeon Family Remix) by Big Boi

Dominique Strauss-Khan Accuser Speaks To Robin Roberts of GMA

Nafissatou Diallo, the hotel maid who accused ex-IMF leader, Dominique Strauss-Khan, of sexual assault has ended her self-imposed silence by speaking with Good Morning America's Robin Roberts. Diallo 32, who is a single mother and an immigrant from Guinea, said that she was compelled to speak out after damaging reports came out questioning her credibility, which has proseccutors considering dropping the charges against Strauss-Khan. ST wishes Ms. Diallo the best in her fight.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer's Eve New Ad, "The V"

This new Summer's Eve ad subtitled, "The V" is has some people talking. Especially the ladies. This is not the version edited for television, however this is the extended version of the ad, Hail to the V!

Movie "Black Dynamite" Becomes An Animated Series On Adult Swim

The 2009 Blaxploitation Movie, Black Dynamite (here) will now be presented in animation. Adult Swim picked up the animated series of the movie and the voice-over work will star, Michael Jai White, Tommy Davidson, and Kym Whitley. The pilot is set to air on Adult Swin on August 8th. This looks like its going to keep us laughing and I know the music is going to be on point.  

Negro League Heroes Get Tombstones

Before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in 1947, there were many black players who played in The Negro League for years, but their memory and contributions to the game was overshadowed by white players during that era, but Jeremy Krock is trying to change that, as he is the founder of the Negro Leagues Baseball Grave Marker Project

Los Angeles Black Tea Party To Rally Against The NAACP

How any black person could associate themselves with The Tea Party is beyond me? Why would you want to affiliate yourself with a political party that has no problem disrespecting your race? Why would you want to be among leaders in your party who express and concentrate on more divisive vices, instead of having ideals about a 'unified' America? I never heard any leader of this 'newly' formed Tea Party speak about 'unity'. Well The South Central Los Angeles Tea Party will do just what the goal is of the Tea Party, participate in dividing America. The South Central Los Angeles Tea Party will Rally against The NAACP as the national organization holds its 102nd annual convention in the LA area. This rally will be lead by, Reverend Jesse Lee Paterson. Read more (here). 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Jay-Z & Kanye West – "OTIS" featuring Otis Redding

Jay Z and Kanye West leak a joint from their highly anticipated album, Watch The Throne. Funk Master Flex premiered this joint on Hot97 and it had Twitter going crazy tonight. This track features the great Otis Redding and the "Respect" is given in the title of the song and the way Otis was sampled in this song.