Monday, February 19, 2018

Neo Soul's Veteran DJ Frances Jaye Brings Us - Head Space Vol 1 Compilation Album

DJs wear many hats. The most common hat that they're seen wearing is when they're playing music at an event. The hat people rarely see them in, is when they're spending countless hours listening to tons of music. The DJ has an ear for music. The DJ has a personality with the people. The DJ keeps their ear to the street and because their ears are connected with the streets, they know what the people want.

The best feeling for a DJ is when they debut new music - songs that aren't widely heard or hyped. They have a desire to get this new music to the people. If you’re a music lover, you already know you can’t wait on commercial radio for anything new. Commercial radio don’t DEBUT new music like it once did. Nowadays, when a song hits the radio, trust and believe there was a DJ who played it first.

Frances Jaye is one of those DJs, and it was because of the change in commercial radio that she started her Neo Soul CafĂ© online radio station over a decade ago (download the app here). First and foremost, Frances is a lover of music. Her dedication to bringing good music to the people is an on-going mission, by any means. Over the years, Fran has interviewed tons of independent artists who music may or may not hit commercial radio. Fran’s devotion to presenting new music is appreciated by both the fans and the independent artists alike.

So it’s only right for this Neo Soul Vet to drop a compilation album of new music and introduce it to the people. HeadSpace Vol 1 Compilation is 11 tracks of independent artists that you may or may not have heard, but trust and believe, this album is ALL THAT!!! I have favorites from this album from my first listen and this is just one of them……

Click the links below to preview, but Support Good Music, Support Independent Artists, Support the DJ and grab your copy (here).

 Intro - DJ Frances Jaye
1. Lift Off - V
2. I Don't Love You - Miracle Foster
3. Last Close Up - Deonis (feat. Erreon Lee)
4. Beautiful Side of Love - Maleke O'Ney
5. Ur The 1 - Darien Dean
6. Off Your Throne - Kierion Johnson
7. Us - Lawyer Turner
8. All The Many Ways - Porsche Smith
9. Just Better - Amanda Maxfield
10. I Wonder - Steve Frazier
11. For The Weekend - Blythe Dennis
Outro - DJ Frances Jaye