Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Crabtree Leaving $20 Million on the Table

What is going on with Michael Crabtree? Wasn't he the top receiver coming out of college last year? We had three weeks of NFL football, Mark Sanchez has 3 wins, Jeremy Macklin has caught a couple of passes, Heyward-Bey has caught some passes, and Matthew Stafford lead the Lions to their first win in 19 games. All of these first year players are making an impact and are on payroll, so I ask again, Where is Crabtree?

I'm not an agent, but I know if I was Michael Crabtree I would walk into SF's office, ask management how much are they willing to pay me, then tell my agent I'll give you 50% of whatever you make on top. Crabtree doesn't need an agent to get the $20 million that the Niners are offering, the agent job comes in adding years to a contract and getting the small details of the contract worked out.

As a fan of the NFL, I don't care if Crabtree is acting like a diva or not. As a fan of the NFL he should be playing on Sundays. This year is over for Crabtree as an NFL player. SF is set. Maybe if Crabtree would have stayed in college, that Tech vs UT game would have been a little closer. All I know is I would have never left $20 million on the table when I just got through playing for football for fun. In other words free. http://http//sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?page=hotread2/crabtree

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