Wednesday, January 6, 2010

HS Coach Defends His Decision on 170-35 Win

I saw this same team play last year, because all the players returned from their State of Texas Championship. This team is one of the top HS teams in the country. When a person looks at the score the naked eye sees a mean blowout. But Yates HS head Coach explains his position. Could there have been a better act of sportsmanship? I’m pretty sure, but there isn’t a mercy rule in their conference. With players like Joseph Young the senior SG and heading to the Big East to play at Providence and Brandon Peters who is also a senior guard and have verbal commitment to Western Kentucky, this is no easy win for any high school team in the country. Some polls have this team #1 in the country. With all said and done, this too shall pass and these players will go on to have great careers and my prayers are with both teams for the students personal success.

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