Monday, January 18, 2010

Debating Affirmative Action-MSNBC Broadcasts Live from Texas Southern University

Affirmative Action is needed in America. Affirmative Action is simply providing the minority with an opportunity as the majority. When considering a school admittance or job placement, the first thing the applicant is before discussing race or gender is qualified. Affirmative Action helped America moved forward and we have Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas or Republican Leslie Sanchez as proof of the forward thinking. Regardless if they don’t think Affirmative Action didn’t play a role in their lives.  

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ByAnyMeans said...

How is it possible for a hispanic to say, "They didn't benifit from affirmitive action"?

If not for the struggles, triumphs, and hurdles of the African American in segregated America, no other group of people would know how to ask for an equal right. African-Americans and our people quest for freedom was the start for many fights. Gay, Women, etc all of these fights for equality started with the black people of America.