Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Be A Humanitarian"-Various Artists (Video)

Be a Humanitarian
Be a Humanitarian
Melody and Lyrics by Ricky Derose

Music by Steve Wallace
Produced and Arranged by Steve Wallace

Lead Vocalists (In order of appearance): Abby Dobson, Darien, Shae Fiol, Angela Johnson, Eric Roberson, Mahasin, Kelli Sae, Ricky Derose, Viviane Rangon, Honey Larochelle, Steve Wallace, Marlon Saunders, Maritri, Shelly Nicole (of Blackbushe), Chandlar, Gordon Chambers, Monet, Maya Azucena, and Chester Gregory

Flute: Monet
Guitar: Rudolph Vernaz-Colas
Violins: Queen Rose
All other instruments: Steve Wallace

with a chorus of many of these and over 25 others.

Engineers: Kenien Spann & Steve Wallace
Assistant Engineer: Benjamin Cherry

Mastered By: Nathan Scott Timmerman for 18 North Entertainment
Virtual Cover Graphic Design by: Esjae

On Monday, Jan 18th 2010, Dr Kings Birthday celebration, Haitian Singer/Songwriter Ricky Derose, approached Steve Wallace with some of the lyrics for an unnamed song for Haiti and the idea to involve other artists. Steve had previously (after the tragedy) thought that it would be a good idea to do a "We Are The World" type song with all of the artists he knew, but initially thought it would be too much work with scheduling all of the singers. But after he met with Ricky, He then felt the responsibility to see this project to its completion.

Steve sent out emails, texts, and calls to all of the known artists on the NY scene, and received an outpour of artists wanting to do something to help. This was a big encouragement for Mr Wallace. So he began to organize... finding space for the recording and engineers to help out. Soon after, there were other disasters that followed (Chile, Japan etc..) and from the suggestion of Steve's Manager, Kevin Harewood from EDclectic Entertainment, the parties involved decided that this song could represent a new humanitarian movement in all of mankind.

"Be A Humanitarian" will be released through a patnership of Purpose Records, Edclectic Entertainment, and Neo Renaissance Music. 100% of the donations will go to charities giving aid for Haiti as well as other disaster zones, AIDS/HIV research, and underprivileged children, linking the world in common thread of humanity.

Please show your support by purchasing "Be A Humanitarian" :

Be a Humanitarian

100% of all proceeds go to the following organizations:

Baptist Haitian Mission
Habitat For Humanity Dekalb County, GA
Watchful Eye
Brooklyn Teen Challenge
Dr Bob Lee's Make The Grade Foundation

Please support now and share with others.

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