Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cee-Lo-"F*ck You" (Video)

I know you're looking at the title and you're like, hmmm. Now lets take everything in mind and be real with each other>>>who haven't used this title once or twice in their life? Title aside, this Cee-Lo joint, "F*ck You" is an awesome song and I can see party people on the dance floor singing along, enjoying themselves, singing the title out loud. Stop by Cee-Lo's site ( for info on the upcoming LP, The LadyKiller and get some FREE Cee-Lo tunes. Shouts out to ST contributer, Issa for the info. 

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brownsugatou said...

Yooooooo... this is dope! Being a rookie poet I can certainly feel his pain, no need to half step when you are expressing yourself!!!!

KRIStina said...