Sunday, April 10, 2011

Applebee's Resturant Accidently Serves 15-Month-Old Baby Alcohol

A Detroit Applebee's mistakenly served a 15-month-old alcohol instead of apple juice in his sippy cup. Taylor Dill-Reese the mother of the 15-month-old tells her story to Detroit's WJBK.

Dill-Reese immediately rushed her son to the hospital, where his blood alcohol level was .10 – which if he was old enough to drive a car would put him over the legal limit.
Luckily, the tot turned out to be fine – but Dill-Reese is still outraged that a family meal turned into such a frightening experience.

The manager of the Applebee's apologized and the chain promised to launch an investigation into the matter, because no one at the family's table ordered any alcoholic beverages.

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