Sunday, August 23, 2020

Sunday Fundays/Sunday SK8 - St. Albans Memorial Park , Queens

The one thing I think most of us learned in 2020 is a special appreciation for life. When the Pandemic came to the NYC area, it put the city in a panic state for safety that I have never seen before in all my years as a New Yorker. We've came to appreciate those certain things in life that makes well, life worth living. Certain life things were taken away from us in a blink of an eye and one of those things taken for many was skating. Skaters (#SK8) love to roll and for many, it was difficult to go without skating during the pandemic.
Skaters were holding Zoom Roller Party's during the quarantine, because part of the fun of skating is, skating with others. Above footage is from an April 25, 2020 Zoom party and what was fly about it was, they had a live DJ as part of the Sk8 culture is of course, The Live DJ.  

When 'outside' began to open up, many skaters in NYC put on their wheels, and hit the streets in their neighborhoods. Queens native, Tanya Dean Creator of SKATEROBICS, took her love for skating to the park 'Around Her Way' and invited everyone For about a month and change now, every Sunday people come to the park with their own brooms and their own garbage bags to clean the park for the Sk8ers, DJ Nyjae donates his time every Sunday, and the result is a much needed outdoor community event. St. Albans and the surrounding South Queens neighborhoods get to come feel a sense of normalcy and a part of that NYC Resiliency because, Sk8ers Gonna SK8!!! 
video by Ollie Shuffle

Updated Visual from Sunday 8/23/20...

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