Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kelley Williams-Bolar, Woman Who Used Her Father's Address For Better School District, Not Pardoned

ST was one of the first internet bloggers outside of Ohio to report about the Kelley Williams-Bolar case. If by chance you are unfamiliar with the case, Williams-Bolar was the Akron, Ohio mother who was jailed for 9 days for sending her two children to school in a better neighborhood. The neighborhood where she sent her children, was the neighborhood of her father and the children's grandfather. The grandfather assisted Ms. Williams-Bolar with daily duties around his grandchildren like many grandparents. However, regardless of the fact that Ms. Williams-Bolar's father pays taxes in the community, the state of Ohio, felt Ms. Williams-Bolar needed to be made an example of. Well recently she went before the state's parole board and she was not pardoned. The parole board didn't appear to be empathetic and now organizations are asking the people to call the governor's office and ask for a pardon for Ms. Williams-Bolar. The decision will now rest fully with Ohio's governor John Kasich. Click on the governor's name to go directly to his site for info. Read more (here).  

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