Thursday, September 29, 2011

'The Mother of Hip-Hop’ -Sylvia Robinson Dies at 75

It was the summer before I was to enter the 5th grade. A couple of friends and myself were on Jamaica Ave shopping for some sneakers. We were nearing the corner of 168th Street when a white van rolled up and asked up if we wanted to make some money assisting them with crates of records. We said, "Of Course" and before we knew it, we went to about 20 record stores throughout the city carrying crates of Sugar Hill Records from the van to the record stores. What I will always remember as a kid, is hearing all the older kids and young adults who work for 'The Boss' aka 'Syl', always saying good things about her. Though this 'job' of mines only lasted a couple of days, it was the best job I've ever had. I never knew I was a small part of Hip Hop history. 

Sylvia Robinson, 'The Mother' of this thing we call Hip Hop passed away today. The singer, songwriter, and record producer started the infamous Sugar Hill Records and was the brain behind putting a bunch of kids rhyming on vinyl. Because of her vision, "Rapper's Delight" came to an urban radio station everywhere and a music revolution began. Rest In Power, 'Syl'. Read more (here).   

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