Friday, May 30, 2014

Classic: Maya Angelou Talks w/Dave Chappelle

I always thought of Maya Angelou as, ‘My Aries Sister’. She made me feel proud. She was a Mother figure. When I read her poetry or heard her speak, I thought of my Mother. The similar struggles they had and how those experiences they had were turned into feelings of PRIDE! There was a PRIDE felt for the journey of our people and a PRIDE in my own family’s journey. My favorite line from her poetry.....

“I am the HOPE and DREAM of the Slave and so, I RISE!!!”

I repeated that line to myself from time to time when faced with life challenges. I think of my ancestors and I keep pushing. I came across this discussion she had with Dave Chappelle and in her honor, I thought it would be nice to share. Watch all, but during Part 4, Dr. Angelou tells an interesting story of her interaction with Tupac Shakur.

The ST Family would like to thank Dr. Angelou for all of her contributions to the world and a Peaceful Eternal Rest.

Just in case you may have missed it, click> (Dave Chappelle's First Interview after 5 years)

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