Friday, January 6, 2012

WTF??? Fantasia Wants Child Support-Wendy Williams Gives Her A Big Sister Moment

From the, "You Got To Be Kidding Me" files, apparently Fantasia is trying to obtained child support from  her (I hate this word) 'Baby Daddy' who is a T-Mobie salesman, but more importantly, he is married with two children. SMDH!! Fantasia you've made a huge mistake, a child is here now, but please don't make matters worse seeking child support. Just because he is the father, doesn't mean you can, MAKE HIM MARRY YOU!!! I hope she listens to Wendy Williams advice on this one. This is the behavior of a 'chicken'. For those who don't know what a 'chicken' is, (see below). Maybe Fantasia should remix to get some support. #ijs

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Too many women have made this mistake of having an affair with a married man then demanding for child support if a baby was conceived. It is just very irresponsible.