Friday, October 2, 2009

Oh My God! I Think I'm Having A Rap Attack

You are now listening to The World Famous Mister, Mister, Magic, Magic, Super, Super, Blast, Blast, Blast, Rap Attack Show, Show!!!! That was the introduction to the legendary Mr. Magic rap show featuring Marley Marl as the DJ. Mister Magic debut in the wee hours on NYC WHBI radio. Many young Hip-Hop heads in the NYC area would stay up late just to listen and record what Mister Magic's show. I remember having a Mr. Magic tape that I recorded for my senior trip in junior high school. I taped two weeks of his show and did my in-house production to make sure I kept the commercials and talking off of my tape. However, everyone in the neighborhood knew where you got the music, because they either heard it themselves or knew the style of Mister Magic's show. There are plenty of pioneers of this thing called Hip-Hop, but Mister Magic knew that OUR music needed an out and a radio show was just what Hip-Hop needed. The newer generation of Hip-Hop and all radio programming, shows, and air-personalities, and DJs of this thing we call Hip-Hop should take a moment and thank a pioneer. Check out this article.....

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