Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shirley Sherrod Finally Speaks

Shirley Sherrod speaks...

What grinds my gears?
It took no time whatsoever to fire Shirley Sherrod

What grinds my gears? 
Why was the NAACP so quick to FOLLOW the right-wing instead of being independent thinkers and have BLACK peoples back. 

What grinds my gears? 
The quick reaction to DIS-miss Ms. Sherrod from this (President Obama's) administration. What grinds my gears? How many police officers all over this country shot, kill, beat, and murder so many innocent men of color and the quickness to remove these officers are not as fast. In fact, they usually stay on TAXPAYERS payroll during trial and then MOST of them stay on the job. After this foul up, these fools ask the lady if she wants her job back. Uh....really now. I'm sitting on a big discrimination case and you want me to go back to the plantation-THINK NOT. More power to Sister Sherrod and whatever she does, I wish her well in her endeavors. 

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Shirley said...

This was a TERRIBLE mistake and too swift of an action. You're so right, cops do not get fired RIGHT AWAY. Think of that cop recently in the Bay Area and let's not forget about Sean Bell (NYC) the guy who was murdered the day before his wedding. With a BLACK president, you would think that TALKING openly about race, shouldn't be an issue, but somehow it is.