Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tampa Man Calls 911 for Sex

He called 911 for help, but felt like Flava Flav, "911 is a Joke". In this case however, 911 was not a joke. Joshua Basso was arrested for calling 911 and seeking SEX as his emergency. he even told the operator the infamous, "What are you wearing line". Although I'm joking, this is not a laughing matter. Check out the full story here>>>>>>>>>
Tampa man calls 911, asks for sex; he gets jail instead - St. Petersburg Times

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Tanya D. said...

Sick, Sick, Sick!!! He obviously has some issues far deeper than his actions. All I can hope is that he gets the help he needs in jail. God be with him; good riddence!!! Just my opinion...

Anonymous said...

Well if he likes men, he'll get plenty of sex in jail, so there will be no need to call an emergency number. In jail the soap reads, "In case of emergency, drop me!"