Monday, January 4, 2010

Cheyney Uses Foiled Airplane Attack as an Opportunity to Attack Obama

Now I asked this question before, “Why this guy Dick Cheyney thinks it is okay for him to speak on every little thing that our current commander-in-chief does?” I mean everything. You know that there are problems in the Republican Party, when a former vice president has the party’s strongest voice. Even though he has the strongest voice, he voice screams, ‘DIVIDE’!

Let’s just go back to our commander-in-chief’s inauguration ceremony in the beginning of last year. I don’t know if any of you recognized or noticed Dick Cheyney’s actions. Remember this dude was in a wheelchair and claimed he was too sick to shake the new commander-in-chief’s hand. The country thought he was ill. Now if you ask me that was the start of his divisive behavior towards our new president.

Listen, Dick Cheyney is the noun of his first name. He was a VICE PRESIDENT. There has never been an ex-vice president in American history that has a louder voice than Cheyney. Our country almost had another attack, because of a Nigerian terrorist heading to America aboard a flight from abroad. This was a very close call and America was spared another attack from terrorist, but Dick uses this incident as opportunity to attack the Obama administration. Dick was quoted with the following:

“As I've watched the events of the last few days, it is clear once again that President Obama is trying to pretend we are not at war. He seems to think that if he has a low-key response to blow up an airliner ...we won't be at war."

First let’s talk about “Low Key” responses. A ‘Low-Key’ response was that of our former president when the World Trade Center was attacked. Do we remember the ‘Low Key’ response from Bush? I remember Bush had to finish reading a story to the precious children he was reading a book too. Somehow Dick thinks, because Democrats are in the White House, then that’s why America is being attacked. Somehow Obama’s response to a matter that was stopped and not carried all the way through was not ‘prompt’ enough or ‘tough’ enough. Somehow Dick believes if the Republicans were in office, this wouldn’t have happened.

Newsflash Dick, THIS IS NOT A PARTY PROBLEM! Dick you are doing what Obama asked of our country not to do, and that’s division. Dick wants our country divided and is doing everything in his power to grow the divide. Didn’t 9/11 happen on his watch? Didn’t the last administration put this country into this financial fix that we are in now? Wasn’t the war started with the country’s previous administration, because Bush and Dick were so sure that WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) would be found?

Come on Son, stop it. Stop trying to keep this country divided when we need more than ever to come together. Stop looking for every opportunity to politically attack this administration. Besides isn’t it funny how Dick and his team were in charge during these issues, so why is he speaking so loud like his administration did anything better. My suggestion to the ex vice pres, SHUT UP DUDE!!!! America doesn’t care about your feelings, comments, or concerns. We didn’t vote you to be our commander-in-chief. We have our commander-in-chief and his first year was one for the record books as he had more on his plate in the beginning of a term, than any other president in American history. Our country has experienced more hatred towards us, because of our previous administration. This is not a democrat problem Dick, this is an American problem. Either get on board or get off, because your narrow-minded thinking will not unify our country the way we need to be unified.

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A 70's Nigga said...

Dick Cheyney is just that, a DICK!! I also think Cheyney is using this as an oportunity for a political attack. That's the problem with this country is our divide.

You are also right about this being the loudest vice-president in American history. I wish he would just shut up, collect his Haliburton money, and be easy. However, he knows this administration is looking way better than the team he was on and he'll do his part to keep the divide.