Sunday, February 28, 2010

Black History Moment-Guru and Donald Byrd-Loungin'

I woke up this Sunday Morning with a want for some Jazz music. I looked over several of my old CD and ran across some of my favorites in my collection. CD covers with awesome color and awe stared at me. From Donald Byrd, Coltrane, Horace Silver, Joe Sample, and so on, but one of my old CD stood out and gave me that, "Play Me" look. It's been a long time, but this was always one of my favorite CDs to put in the ride on a road trip or play during Sunday Morning clean up. Since I'm doing the later, this became the CD of choice for Sunday Morning.

This is the first track off of a great album GURU's JAzzmatazz Vol 1. entitled Loungin' featuring Donald Byrd. If you ever heard the song Doing It In The Park by Donald Byrd and the Blackbyrds, then you've heard Donald Byrd's music before. This album was a great combination of old and new. Donald Byrd drops knowledge and blows a mean trumpet as GURU gives smooth lyrics which hugs the track. This will always be a classic, so I figure why not have this classic as our final last day of Black History Month Track.

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