Sunday, February 7, 2010

Don't Sleep on Kev Brown-Random Joints

Mellow, laidback, infectious and smooth all encompass Kev brown's signature “Low Budget” sound. Born in Land Over, Maryland in 1976, the prducer/rapper/songwriter developed a unique taste for “feel-good” hip hop music. Traces of his work can be found on DJ Jazzy Jeff’s album, The Magnificent, an instant neo-soul classic. His 2009 release, Random Joints, is reminiscing to that old school flair of hip-hop, when artists had "real" messages over electrifying beats. Random Joints, the second track on the album, immediately captivated me during the first listen. I don’t think I’ve ever snapped my fingers harder to any melody. Kev is cocky on the joint, proud of the masterpiece he threw together randomly, hence the title.

On the second track, Kev joins forces with neo-soul artist, Bilal, to create the organ driven piece, No Time. The track has slight church-feel to it, declaring that they have no time for love games-a mellow tune, indeed. Brown released his debut album, I Do What I Do, in late 2005, and I’m still swaying my head back and forth to this album. Put the cd in the player and get ready for the orgasmic journey your ears are about to take. Always, produced by 9th Wonder, tells of his relationship struggles, apparently the ladies don’t love Kev, nonetheless, the joint is smooth. Life is a Gamble, speaks for itself. It’s an up-tempo anthem, encouraging those to defeat all obstacles and stay on the paper chase. Hennessy Pt 2 is my jam. The joint is as honest as its title, straight intoxicating. You can’t go wrong with Eric Roberson and Raheem Devaughn humming and moaning on any track. It’s strictly for the lovers and if you’re looking to get into some pleasant trouble, this joint is for you. This is a must have album for any underground soul/hip-hop fan. Don’t sleep to long on Kev.

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