Monday, February 22, 2010

Obama Prepares New Health Plan

President Obama will not give up on something our country needs, HEALTH CARE REFORM. The key word here is "Reform". Reform means 'change' and our current health care system is in need of a change. Since our country NEEDS this, it is confusing to me as to why opposition will come without anyone sitting to the table to discuss the needs of the American people. The people who oppose "change" or "reform" are not coming up with any ideas to fix this problem of high cost health care. I'm just glad this president is doing all he can to make both parties sit down, plan, discuss, and come up with a plan. In essence he's FORCING congress to work and work together for the people of America. I'm not saying President Obama's plan is full proof, but I am saying, congress needs to work together for Americans and stop bickering across party lines. After all, you guys were voted into office to work, not bicker back and forth like a bunch of children instead of moving forward.

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Anonymous said...

Can we just all get along?