Thursday, April 8, 2010

Leave it up to the people at Nike to make another great television ad and golfers of the PGA better get their practice in, because Tiger Woods is ready for competition. Tiger's father Earl Woods who passed in 2006 due to prosate cancer asks his son, "Did you learn anything?" in this new Nike Ad for The Masters this weekend. Tiger's solemn face, not saying a word, and his father's voice from the dead makes me the viewer answer the question for Tiger with an answer of "Yes".

This ad will only run until next week Wednesday, but it is a great way to bring Tiger back to the game, address the issue indirectley, and leave the question for the viewer to answer. Tiger and his father had a great relationship. When you have a great relationship with your parents, words of wisdom never leave and are always there for the hurddles of life. Words of wisdom stay wheather the person is alive or gone, and we all know Tiger uses his father words of wisdom, so with that I say, Great Job Nike. Now lets just go ahead and give Tiger this green blazer.

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