Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is the Ms. USA Tiara now Tarnished?

The Tiara worn by the newly crowned Ms. USA Rima Fakih may now be tarnished. Photos of the beauty working the pole like a pro were posted on the, “Mojo in the Morning” radio show website, which broadcasts out of Detroit. Rima Fakih is seen provocatively working her way up and down a stripper pole while wearing a blue tank top, bottom-grazing red shorts and a pair of high heels. Another photo shows her wearing a bra stuffed with dollar bills (we can’t show that one).

The 24-year-old beauty did not remove any clothing during her show-stopping performance at the Coliseum Gentleman's Club which won her 'jewelry, gift cards, adult toys and a stripper pole for home use.'

In all honesty, I hope this doesn’t tarnish her rep and I hope the committee doesn’t take her crown from her. She as young, didn’t remove any clothing, and therefore this should just be dismissed as Cindy Lauper once said, “Girls just want to have fun.” Congrats to Rima on her win.

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www.yahoo.com said...

So what she knows how to work a pole. Let her keep her crown.