Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cody Chestnutt has Some New Music Coming Soon

"I push the seed everytime, like I'm Cody with it"-Wale's verse on The Roots' "Rising Up" single. Gotta love Cody Chesnutt and its good to know that the man has some new music coming out soon for all who have wondered what happen to him since  2003. Well OkayPlayer has some new music from his expected release and info on where he will be playing soon. NYC get ready, because he's heading your way. Check the jumplink for info Cody Chestnutt on OkayPlayer. And in the meantime, check out "Come Back Like Spring" below (don't know where or when this single will be available) .
Cody Chestnutt - Come Back Like Spring by Hypetrak

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