Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lebron James Needs This Decision Televised, "Why Not?"

Some say Lebron James is acting like a prima donna to have his decision televised nationally on ESPN. Actually, my question is, “Why not?” A lot of people are interested in where Lebron chooses to play. Even those who don’t care about basketball have some concerns about where Lebron is going. An Ohio politician got a question from a constituent in the crowd about what they will do to, ‘try to keep’ Lebron in Ohio. The politician answered, “Keeping Lebron is not a major concern to the citizens of Ohio”. Of course she is right, but it estimated that if Lebron leaves Cleveland the city is estimated to lose $12-$15 million annually. Now that is not a major concern to the folks of Ohio, there are bigger concerns, but it is a concern to some residents in the state. Ohio as a state doesn’t get a lot of shine on the national stage and The City of Cleveland have not looked so good in a long time when it comes to sports.

Now to have this announcement and name Cleveland as his choice will be more of an ‘expected’ choice more than an announcement. Chicago is attractive to Lebron, but I really don’t think he wants to follow in Jordan’s shadow. When it comes to New York, he could be to the Knicks what Babe Ruth was to the Yankees. Now Miami is a good look for Lebron, after all they have South Beach, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and no state taxes. Team Lebron is a major CORPORATION. One city’s lost is another city’s gain-Mostly financially.

Yes! I say to a major news conference because people want to know. Have it come on during the primetime hours. Let’s not act as if we don’t care even if we aren’t sports fans. Lebron’s decision is something people want to know about. Not only in Ohio, but all across this nation and the world. THIS IS NEWS!! So, ‘why not?” capitalize off of the situation. Somebody is going to air this decision, so why shouldn’t TEAM LEBRON capitalize off of the situation he created for himself. For those who say, “He’s only playing a game”, you’re wrong. He’s in the entertainment business and to me this is, BUSINESS AS USUAL. Besides, Team Lebron will forward the proceeds to The Boys and Girls Club of America. How can you be mad about that?

As a long time Knicks fan, I want Lebron in NY. I know we have an outside shot as insiders are saying he’s heading to Miami. Wherever he ends up, I’m glad seeing an athlete take control of the business side of the game, the same way he they do on the court. 

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