Friday, July 16, 2010

Shabazz Palaces And Kimberly Nichole Live @ Weeksville, Brooklyn!

Tomorrow Saturday, July 17th in the Weeksville section of Brooklyn-Kimberly Nichole and Shabazz Palaces will perform and this event is FREE!!! This event will take place at the Weeksville Heritage Center 
1698 Bergen Street (btwn Rochester and Buffalo) Brooklyn, NY. Doors open at 5PM. If you're not familiar with Shabazz Palaces, listen closely to the voice in the video below. Hint....."He's cool like that". 

Shabazz Palaces - Belhaven Meridian from WHAT MATTERS MOST on Vimeo.
Yeah, that voice is Butterfly's from the group Digiable Planets.


Anonymous said...

Doodlebug?? Do your homework!

Cheebs said...

Ishmael aka "Ish" aka "Butterfly". My bad hommie!!! I was rushing to put out the info on the show, but the people of ST knew what I was talking about. Thanks for passing through.