Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Columbia University Students Arrested for Dealing LSD, Cocaine, and Weed

Oh wow, not at Columbia! Get a grip, we've all seen Animal House. Well one of ST''s contributer's, Griz shared this article today on his Facebook page and added this line, "Bet you Tyrone gets more time than Brandon". When I read this line, it reminded me of a friend of mines who got busted while attending another Ivy League School, The University of Pennsylvania. This made me think,,,,,,As long as there is a want, there will be a salesman. Streets salesman or Ivy League kids, somebody is going to capitalize off of it. So give these kids the same treatment you would a street hustler. The system gave my man 5 years for getting something for his friends 'from different backgrounds' at UPenn couldn't get. He would charge them for his services (of going to the hood and getting what they wanted) and got 5 years. My man is doing well now, so give these kids a second chance but, "Give Brandon the same time you would give Tyrone". I don't want to hear a thing about their grade point average because, the judge didn't care about my dude's great GPA, he still got 5 years. Read the NYDN story here....

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