Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The NY Jets Fined 'Tripping' Coach Sal Alosi $25K and Suspended Him For Remainder of the Season

So the NY Jets front office didn't wait for the NFL and less than 24 hours after Sal Alosi tripped Nolan Carroll (watch here), the Jets front office suspended their strength and conditioning coach without pay for the remainder of the regular season, post-season (if the Jets make it), and fined him $25K. The Jets front office consulted with the league before giving Alosi his punishment Monday night. The Jets front office would not say if Alosi will rejoin the team next year, but according to our insiders, he will not. I'm glad justice was swift and kudos to the Jets organization for not waiting on the NFL. The NFL informed they would not administer any further punishment. Read more here...

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