Thursday, December 16, 2010

Poll Suggest Palin's Visit to Haiti a Joke

A recent NY Daily News Poll asked the question, “What do you think about Sarah Palin's trip to Haiti?” The choices were A) what a joke! B) Good for her. She has my vote. C) I’m not sure. Well 74% of the people polled chose A, “What a joke!” 23% of the votes went to answer B, with 3% going to answer C. Did I take part in the poll question, well I chose not to. I just wanted to see what the public of the nation’s largest populated thinks and feels.

Palin going to Haiti is a joke and it’s a continuous play on the ignorance here in America. I mean seriously, how many of us here in America really thought the war in Iraq was really about Iraqi Freedom? Not many, just like not many Americans are feeling this Palin to Haiti thing. Palin has very little experience and knowledge about states and cities here in America, so with this trip am I suppose to think that now gives Palin the foreign experience she needs to run for office. Her message after her ‘first’ time in Haiti is urging Americans to “get out of your comfort zone and volunteer to help.”

My question is where was Sarah Palin when the earthquake first happened in Haiti? Has she ever visited Haiti before the earthquake? Has she ever gone to any third world country? All of a sudden now she’s speaking as if she did something great. We all know this is nothing, but a photo opt and she has no REAL feeling for Haiti and its people. However, if her presence speeds up any American aid to the country, then let me be the first to ‘Thank’ her for the Haitian people.  However, I know the need of the Haitian people will get swept under the rug when it comes to American aid towards the country.

Here’s some food for thought, a parent of a child with special needs told me the other day, “Sarah Palin travels way too much to be a mother of a 2 year old child with special needs.”  As she pushes for the White House disrespecting our president on the way, I just think this Alaska mom needs to be just that, An Alaskan mother and not president of these United States. 

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Frequent Reader said...

This kind of grandstanding is nauseating. Palin is a limelight-seeking opportunist who ran as soon as being Governor of a small population state, got too difficult.
And it is interesting that is a mother of a special needs child has that much free time, but then she finds ways to make sure her priorities are on getting elected to higher office.