Monday, March 28, 2011

Soulcial Series Presents Eric Roberson and Avery Sunshine Live in Houston

Shouts out to The Soulcial Series thats been bringing great soul acts to the Houston area and this weekend The Soulcial Series brought Avery Sunshine and Eric Roberson to Houston. Now the show was off the hook and both artist tore it down.The crowd captured (and YouTube) Erro singing my favorite song off of the Left album and Avery doing one of my favorite joints from her, Pinin'.


saj said...

Look at my man cheebs out there rubbin elbows wit da big wigs.

Cheebs said...

@Saj-LOL!!! I interviewed him back in '07 and met him before back in '05 in NYC. Sha and I went to school with a dude who rapped on his Appetizer CD. Been riding with Erro for sometime now. One of my favorite artist.