Thursday, April 7, 2011


Today ST (me/we/us) want to thank the many people who gave shout outs today on Facebook for our 'Creation Day' or as I like say, "BORN"day (click here).

Two years ago I started this site and I love what Skelle Top has turned into. I remember the day I came up with a name, a concept, and an idea. The original idea/plan turned into a stagnite state and rather than get upset , my/our name was more important and an alternate agenda came to light and was BORN. An agenda guided by THE CREATOR.

So this second year, I want to say, "Thank you all so much for your support."

Thanks all for every 'shared' links on Facebook, every 're-Tweet' on Twitter, every grassroots, word of mouth, person who keep their ears to the street, and most of all, LOVE HIP HOP AND IT's CULTURE, Thanks so much.

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