Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Joe Budden - "Ordinary Love Sh*t pt.3 (Closure)"

I heard the first two parts of Joe Budden's Ordinary Love Sh*t series, but this "Part 3 Closure" is a banger and it will get some attention as Joey recently went to Twitter war with his ex, Esther Baxter. Rumor has it that Esther was seeing Derrick Ward, the former NY Giant and now Houston Texans Running Back, while residing with Joey. Now this is only a rumor, but because of the Twitter war, Joey is expected to say a few words on some radio waves today and put this feud to an end. Regardless of the love triangle, Joey really put his heart in these lyrics and to put these lyrics over Frank Ocean's "Novacane" track, just had my head banging the whole time. Grab Joey's Ordinary Love Sh*t Part1 (here) & Part 2 (here). 

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