Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sarah Palin Speaks on Bin Laden's Death, But Doesn't Mention President Barack Obama By Name

If anyone in this country has a vote of confidence for Sarah Palin I know you can not debate a reasonable argument as to why. I for one don't have an inch of confidence in Ms. Palin. She has only showed herself to be someone who is NOT a leader. Seriously, would you want Sarah Palin to go anywhere on this globe and 'respresent' your country? Her ignorance always seem to come out of her mouth when she speaks. Now recently Ms. Palin spoke after the Osama Bin Laden assassination and she left out President Obama by name (on purpose), but didn't hesitate to give credit to the Bush administration. Really? I guess we should give credit to the Bush administration for sending our young men and women somewhere looking for WMD's (weapons of mass destruction). Even at a time in America where the president's sharpest critics are giving him praise at this moment in American history, Palin wants to try her best to keep America at a divide. SARAH PALIN, THIS IS THE "UNITED" STATES and this may be a surprise to you and your followers, but we are better as a country when WE STAND UNITED!

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