Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chris Brown and Frank Ocean Have Twitter 'Beef'

Attention Chris Brown and Frank Ocean!!! We like you both, but this is very childish and non-professional. Over the weekend, Chris Brown and Frank Ocean got into a Twitter Beef (yeah, another Twitter beef for CB). I saw a couple of the Tweets, but I ignored the drama. I do know that during the 'beef', The Game joined in and asked the 'little hommies' not to 'beef'. Game also Tweeted about being a model and how 'beef' will hurt everything you worked for. I respect The Game for trying to enlighten the youngsters, but I guess the 'beef' still went on. Whether these are Chris Brown's cousins or hommies, this is a 'punk' move and I doubt seriously if Chris Brown 'okayed' this. CAN YOU GUYS JUST MAKE MUSIC AND STOP TRYING TO BE GANGSTER!!

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