Monday, September 12, 2011

Out-Of-Work Parents Land In Jail, Because They Are Unable To Pay Child-Support

I came across this story and I found it ery interesting to say the least. Say what you want to say, but child support in this country is not fair. It hasn't been fair in this country for sometime. Now that doesn't mean child support isn't warranted, but in certain circumstances like the one in the video, how is this fair? its not to say that there aren't any deadbeats out there, we know that there are however, its too many good people who get caught in the mix and treated as deadbeats when they have a honest situation. The key thing to remember here is money doesn't equate to love. And a parent in jail or out of jail and looking for work with this on their record, makes it that much harder to be a provider. Again, I'm not speaking of the deadbeats and I'm not saying child support isn't warranted, I'm just saying the system is broken and needs to be fixed. The law needs to be just. 

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