Monday, November 14, 2011

Massachusetts Mother Facing Child Endangerment Charges for Allowing Her 10-Year-Old Daughter To Pose Nude for Man

The internet really is not for the gullible as they always end up victims. A recent internet victim is Massachusetts mother, Ann Lussier, 41, who thought she could win a $20,000 mommy-daughter modeling contract. The mother had her daughter pose in a bikini, then the child completely disrobe on Skype for a pervert posing as a fashion photographer. Is this stupid? Yes, for many reasons. The first reason is at 41, lady your modeling days are over and stop trying to live through your children. Only a sick parent would think they will win a contest by posing nude on the internet. Don't you learn this stuff in internet 101 class?? Read more (here) to see what charges the mother is facing. 

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