Friday, July 10, 2020

Black Thought Releases New Single "Thought Vs Everybody"

Black Thought of The Roots Crew just released a new single for "Thought Vs Everybody" from his upcoming 

Streams of Thought Vol 3 EP

Of course Thought is going to give us some 'Notable quotables' and here's a few of ours...

"Bars is crytocurrency, hypnotherapy, shittin' on everything, 5'9, 6'4 lyrically. Crystal clarity, wonder how I spit so throughly. Stay hungry, rappers can't get no mercy, that's the reason any other one who spit won't verse me, it's son lonely in my own class 'Formerly Known As'... "

"I’m half Masta Killa and Half Hugh Masekela"

"Here's a bonus the point of view to make things you see through, If I’m a walking institution I’m an HBCU"

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