Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Never Heard of Dr. Laura Schlessinger-The "N-Word" Slinger

Dr. Laura Schlessinger, came under fire for repeatedly using the N-word while on-air with a black female caller. The female caller was calling in to ask her opinion about having a loving white husband, but her in-laws are very disrespectful and use the 'N' word in front of her like she's not around. Dr. Laura went off the subject matter, used the 'N' word repeatably as if she wasn't on-air, never answered the question the caller was asking, and in many people's mind, Dr. Laura wanted to start some trouble or controversy and now we know why. 

In a recent NYC poll, 35% of the poll had no idea who Dr. Laura was, but after this incident, now we know. Dr. Laura had the nerve to say that she will leave her radio show at the end of her contract year to....wait....get this..."to regain her first amendment rights". No one has FREEDOM OF SPEECH rights on-air. So this is/was a marketing move, so she can get some followers prior to leaving radio. Remember 35% of the #1 city in America, didn't even know who she is prior to her slinging the 'N' word.  It's a shame that HATE is what's hot on the block and what sells right now. This was a strategic move to sell, her website, her books, and her YouTube Channel. 


SSSays said...

Dr. Laura is a shill - she's a poorly educated excuse for an Advice Columnist. Her closed-mindedness, mean-spiritness, and general lack of concern for humanity have been evident for years.
This is not the first time she's been recorded saying ugly things to her listening audience. The radio airways will be a lot better off without her!

Anonymous said...

She did this, so she can be the female Rush Limbaugh and besides, I don't think she likes playing 2nd place behind Sarah Palin. If Sarah Palin is getting more $$$ putting out books and touring with the Tea Party, maybe Dr. Laura is jealous and want some of that $$$

Island Spice said...

@SSSars-She's been around for years and I listen to her @ the office from time to time and though said wasn't wrong in saying, "You can turn on HBO and hear black men say, 'nigger', 'nigger', 'nigger'." Hence THE WIRE. Now were she is wrong, is leaving radio just to say the word, "NIGGER". Now that shows how sad of a society we live in and in America, RACE MATTERS.

Island Spice said...

@ed-I think you're on to something. You just may be right.