Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Top "Chops It Up" with LeRoy McCarthy, Location Mgr of the Upcoming Film Precious

One of Skelle Top’s followers was fortunate to work on the upcoming film, Precious based off of a novel PUSH written by Sapphire. I was turned on to the book PUSH by my cousin Ericka. Every time I visited her apartment in Brooklyn, she would make room for her bookshelf by suggesting I read a couple of her books. This particular day I came across an autographed copy of the red covered booked with the inscribed black lettering reading PUSH. She suggested it was an easy read, but I had better bring her book back. Needless to say, I never gave her the book back, because I came across as one of those deep brothers when my females friends saw the book on my bookshelf. One of my female friends ended up taking the book from me, but I guess that’s what I get from taking it from my cousin. Go figure.

Well my same cousin and I both attend Cheyney University with a friend of ours that worked on the film Precious starring comedian Mo’Nique in a serious role as Precious’ mother. My man LeRoy McCarthy has worked on several films and documentaries and when I told LeRoy about how I came across the book, he was willing to give Skelle Top a sit down and talk about the film Precious based off the novel PUSH by Sapphire.

ST- LeRoy thanks for giving Skelle Top a little bit of your time. Let's begin with you telling us a little about your background in film?
I started working in film as an intern on He Got Game, over the years I have done it all in film & television production, and I worked my way up to being a Location Manager. Funny thing, my first time on a movie set was as an extra for Above the Rim staring Tupac, but it wasn't until years later that I worked in film. I have written, directed, and produced short films, and a documentary.

ST-How were you able to get work with the production of the film, Precious?
I work freelance. I was called for the film by a producer who had heard of my work of locations in New York.

ST-Were you familiar with the novel PUSH prior to working on the film?
I was not familiar with the book, but my girlfriend at the time had it, I read her copy and I was floored.

ST-How was it working on the film and give us an inside to what people are calling an Oscar role for comedian Mo’Nique.
Director Lee Daniels and Producer Lisa Cortez is about their business, they set a good tone for the cast & crew. It was a great experience working on the film. You don't see what will become of your efforts while you're working day to day, but it is gratifying to have contributed in a small part to a highly regarded film project.

ST-LeRoy you are also friends with my cousin Erica who was the person who turned me on to the novel, PUSH. It was an easy read, but the subject matter was hard to swallow. It wasn’t until I started working for a social service, that I came across girls just like the character Precious. What was some of your thoughts during the making of the film and how close to home was one (or more) character(s) in the story? Tell Erica I said hello. The PUSH story is beyond my personal experiences however, I can sympathize/empathize with the struggles of life for the characters. Overall they did not allow their struggles in life to defeat them, and they kept on PUSHing.

ST-How was it working for Tyler Perry and was this film, filmed at his studios in Atlanta?
To clarify Tyler Perry & Oprah were not involved in the filming of Precious. They are Executive Producers of Precious. In other words they fell in love with the film as it moved towards completion, and assisted in bringing Precious to the next level of prominence. Precious was filmed on location in Harlem & The Bronx, New York.

ST-Tell us about some of your other projects that you worked on and some of the projects that are in your future.
I worked on films with Spike, Tyler, Denzel, DeNiro, and Beyonce’, Videos with Jay-Z, Nas, and Diddy, Photo shoots with Alicia, among other projects with talented people & skillful crews. The future looks bright, I'm not sure if all possible opportunities will develop into realities, but I never stop PUSHing.

Skelle Top wants to thank LeRoy for his time and we wish him the best in all of his future work. The film, Precious is due to come out next week. I know ST readers will support the project and The Top will give a review.

Here is a quick look at one of LeRoy McCarthy's future projects, "Liberty, Friends, and the Pursuit of Education">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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