Friday, February 26, 2010

Tabi Bonney featuring Raheem Devaughn-"Fever"-New Video

FEVER - tabi Bonney ft. Raheem DeVaughn (directed by tabi Bonney + 6ix Shoota) from tabi Bonney on Vimeo.

Tabi Bonney can be heard rapping along with DC's Wale or MD's Raheem Devaughn on various tracks. Their whole click are music monsters who flood the streets with mixtapes like a DC GoGo band back in the days. Their hunger and creativity is throughtout their click and the fan gets plenty of music and plenty of great tunes. Check out this Tabi Booney and Rah D joint and you'll understand what I mean about this DC/MD family.

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Ja, drosi vien tapec ir