Sunday, March 21, 2010

9th Wonder Presents Tom Hardy-"As We Shine"- feat Rapsody (this girl is hot)

9th has been hustling, like everday. We hear about him doing a beats for this one and that one, but 9th doesn't do beats for wack MCs. Anyhow, Tom Hardy is another one of those North Carolina MCs thats been surfacing since Little Brother had to let the world know that real MCs do come out of Norf Cak. Tom Hardy flow is not an Asther Roth (not comparing because they both are white), because this kid has a flow and delivery better than some rappers who are making money following the fame instead of the art. Tom Hardy's lyrics are those of a student to the game and you can tell that he was a fan of real HIP HOP. This is a cut off of the "9th Presents" tracks and before you even ask about 'HER' let me tell you about Rapsody.

Rapsody is part of the Norf Cak crew Kooley High (the crew met at NC State) and is signed to 9th's new label,  A Wonderful World Music Group / Jamla. I first heard Rapsody on 9th's Dream Merchant and when I heard her voice iw as like, "Who's that?".  Well I did some research and found her myspace and only thing I can say is, FIYAH!!After checking out this video, you may want to hear more from Rapsody and if you do, here is her myspace page-( She is definatley one to keep a look out for in the near future.


Anonymous said...

That girl is FIYAH!!! If she is the only artist 9th have signed, the that speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for highlighting the ladies! Danielle S.