Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nas and Damian Marley Live @ SXSW

This year was the first SXSW that I've been to since like '94. At that time, SXSW catered to more of the rock genre than other genre of music. In fact back in '94, the Hip Hop/Reggae/R&B scence was alot smaller. Well this is over ten years ago and as progressive as the city of Austin is, so is SXSW. HIP HOP/REGGAE/R&B is a big part of SXSW. I mean, I never saw so many Chitown, Detroit, NYC rappers, DJs, and producers in one spot at one time in the state of Texas. Expect to see a lot of live video's, music, and things of that nature coming out this week.

Billboard magazine just released this Nas and Damian Marley video live @ Emo's. I missed this event, because I didn't get to Austin until Friday night. But the streets damn sure was talking about it all weekend. ST told youu that these two were teaming up for an upcoming album.   

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