Thursday, March 4, 2010

Only a Red State Replublican Would Think of This

Like the title says, "Only a Republican" would think of honoring this President this way. Well maybe my RED state Republicans, because there sure is a difference. Well RED state Congressman and Republican, North Carolina's own Patrick McHenry thinks Ronald Reagan is such a hero that he should replace Grant on the $50 dollar bill.
My first question here to the NC Congressman is what did Reagan so great to deserve such an honor on a piece of US currency? Did he do more for our country than Ulysses S. Grant? Let's never forget the cocaine boost in our country when he was president. Heck, dude was an actor, a front face for the agenda of Republicans more than he was a politician. People can go on and on with the negatives concerning Former President Reagan and some can go on with positives about Former President Reagan. Problem here is first off it’s too soon for this guy to be on any piece of US currency, second his positive input should definitely outweigh his negative input and this president, though two terms, was not an overly positive president for the United States. Check out the story at the jump link.

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